I Hit It First

Album: Raydiation 2 (2013)
Charted: 51
  • Many fans jumped to the conclusion that this song is about Ray J's former girlfriend Kim Kardashian, but the singer denied it in several interviews. "It's about life," he told Spinner. "People are misunderstanding me when I say that it's not about - it's about me - I'm not saying it's not about anybody. But the main subject is about me and how turnt up I am and just my lifestyle and what I've been through ....more so than anything."
  • On the face of it the lyric "I had her going North and her ass going South, but now baby choose to go West" appears to be a tongue-in-cheek jab at Kardishan's beau, Kanye West. However Ray J told Spinner he just "wanted to represent the West Coast as best - you know as much as I could. So that was pretty much throwin' up the W."
  • Despite Ray J's denials that Kim Kardashian is the song's subject matter, he cast a look-a-like of the reality star for the music video. The dark haired model even sports the patented Kim K ponytail.
  • Ray J eventually admitted that the song is in fact based on his real life relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian. "My intention was always just to put out music and stay true to what we do," said the singer. "My intention was never to make people feel bad or do anything in a negative manner."


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