Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)
  • The lyrics of this song were written by Anthony Kiedis and portray sex in a variety of lively and explicit yet metaphorically driven and spiritual ways. According to Kiedis' autobiography Scar Tissue, several of the lyrics were written about him and his girlfriend of the time.
  • This song is one of the heaviest on the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. A characteristic fat drum beat drives the intro and verses and a similarly powerful beat features in the chorus, with multiple bass drum accents and a heavy-hitting feel. A very dark wah-wah ridden guitar riff and bass chords (one of the few examples in RHCP music) complement the verse beat and crescendo into an extremely heavy, almost wall of sound melody in the chorus. Kiedis' low lyrics and contrasting lively chorus complement the dynamics as well. >>
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    Charles - Edmonton, Canada
  • This wasn't meant to be a prominent track, but the guys liked the sound of the title. As a result, Blood Sugar Sex Magik is one of five albums by the band to share its name with a song. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 8

  • Sam from Deerfield, Ilthe beginning is suprisingly deppresing
  • Layton from Paris, TxOne of the best albums in music, amazing bassline!! Flea is my favorite bessist. Also the wah on Frusiciantes guitar is very well used.
  • Tello from Boston, MaHa! there was an episode of ER named after this sonG! Great Song AWESOME SHOW ;P
  • Dylan from Oneida, Wicheya it does feel liek a kiny sexual song, yet so metaphorical n spiritual...a combo i didnt think possible but love it
  • Olivia from Perth, AustraliaI used to skip this song, but it's become one of my favs on the album
  • Teejay from Seattle, WaAmazing album. Amazing song. Frusciante's versatility is incredible.
  • Nick from Waterville, OhMy favorite album of all time. I never get tired of it.
  • Paul Marlo from Perth, Australiaabsolute legend of an album!
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