Emit Remmus

Album: Californication (1999)
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  • This song is about an English girl dating an American man. Anthony Kiedis finished it after dating Spice Girl Mel C.
  • The song title is "Summer Time" spelled backwards, which could be a reference to how different London and California are. >>
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    john - LA, CA, for above 2
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  • Reggev from Misgav, IsraelThere I was, my head hurting trying to understand what the hell "Remmus" means.
  • Tom from Los Angeles, CaThis song rocks!
  • Scarlet from Mb, Scthe guitar riff was recorded backwords.thats why they spelt summer time backwords.i like it muchoo
  • Handah Jane from Grafton, United Statesthe reason summer time is spelt backwards is cos of the weird backwards rift that john frusciante (wooooooo!!!!!!!! u rock john) does on his guitar
  • Steven from Dublin, IrelandAnthony introduced Mel into some tatoo parlours.
    Chilis rock!
  • C-man from Somewhere, NyI like this song, especially the bass line.
  • Allyson from In My Own Little World, TxWonderful song, in my opinion. But for some reason lots of people I know don't like it that much...hmm.
  • Amelia from Denbighshire,britain, Englandit's about MEL.C from the spice girls having a relationship with anthony kiedis in the summer time
  • Craig from Kernersville, NcIt's on CALIFORNIcation...the first line of the song mentions CALIFORNICATION...therefore, I think it has something to do with more than just London.
  • Gary from Manchester, Englandwell what do you know, i always wonered what emit remmus meant. i didnt even know mel c would be aware of the existence of RHCP. everyday is a school day
  • Louise from Durhamomg. anthony dated mel c?! hes 2 good 4 her. talk about mismatch! xx chilis rok
  • Jaimie from Indianapolis, InI think the "summer time" is refering to Grease the summer song where they dated in the summer but ended it when the summer ended...
  • Mistik from Sydney, AustraliaI read in scar tissue and Anthony said that they didn't date, they were just friends that hung out, something about um getting tattoos, that keeps comming to my mind.. interesting fact about the whole summer time spelt backwards.
  • Torrance from London, EnglandYes, it was written about Mel C, half while Anthony was with her and half afterwards. It's not a reference to how London is different to California, it's purely about being in London in the summer, because Mel lives there.
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