Get On Top

Album: Californication (1999)
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  • This song is ostensibly about sex, but it could also be about being and thinking you are the best. It was written by lead singer Anthony Kiedis and guitarist John Frusciante. Both had been addicted to heroin in the past - one of the effects of heroin is getting the feeling that you are invincible because you feel no pain. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ben - Padfield, England
  • Guitarist John Frusciante fashioned the guitar solo in this song on Steve Howe's guitar solo at the end of Yes song "Siberian Khatru." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Brookings, SD
  • Frusciante came up with the rhythm after listening to some old-school Public Enemy just before heading into a Chili Peppers jam session. The same unspecified song inspired the Stadium Arcadium track "Storm In A Teacup."

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  • Frank from Melbourne, Australiathis song has some badass wha-whaing
  • Mark from New York, Nylol, Yeah I know right. This song is absolutley about sex. No doubt. lol hahaha
  • Jesse from Sydney, AustraliaYou're going to tell me that the song is about drugs:
    - Get on top, for starters
    - Gorilla, cuntilla
    - I bite but she bit me
    - Come with me because I'm an ass killer?
    - I'll malinger on your block (box if you will)
    - You hoot but I holler??
  • Emma from White Rock, CanadaI thought that this song was about sex... I'm a HUGE fan of the peppers, but the lyrics to this song are really hard to stomach.
  • Josh from Palmerston North, AlActually Graeme the song I like dirt is about when the chili peppers used to tour around america they would through a ball around and whoever dropped the ball had to lick the ground no matter what was on it
  • Emitremmus from Desolation Row, United Statesgreat bassline...just like all of flea's work (w/ RHCP or not)
  • Graeme from Hampshire, EnglandI thought it was about sex too; I'm pretty sure 'I like Dirt' is too. 'Some come up and some come young, live to love and give good tongue!' Great lyrics!
  • Mistik from Sydney, Australiaahh.. but most chili's lyrics have something to do with sex or lyrics that sound like its sexually orientated. i have to admit i thought it was get on top of .... yeah.. guess i was wrong. still it could go both ways.
  • Lexie from London, EnglandAnd there was me thinking this song was all about sex. What a one track mind I have....kick ass song though.
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