Album: The Getaway (2016)
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  • This '80s electro-infused song is about two lovers for whom the act of sexual intercourse has become a meaningless robotic engagement without feelings or emotions.
  • Speaking with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready in a Sirius XM interview, Flea described the song as "a funny, funky, up-tempo jam." He added: "It's funny because when we were mixing and writing it and stuff …it was a real… I wanted it to sound like 'Controversy' by Prince."
  • This was a track that the Chili Peppers had been working on before they got into the studio with producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton. Drummer Chad Smith recalled in a track-by-track commentary:

    "There were parts of the song that he really liked and others that he thought could be better. And we really kind of stripped that one down a little bit and we changed the chorus to it but it had always been this sort of just real hard funk song, which it still is.

    And I remember, it's really weird now, that when were in the studio we wanted just the bass and drums to have this really clean, low, dirty punch to it and I remember referencing 'Controversy' by Prince, and I think either Brian or we all did or whatever. And that was kind of the thing that we were trying to sort of make it like that."
  • The video for the disco-flavored song was shot over two days in Brooklyn, New York, and directed by Tota Lee (Zelos).

    The clip was inspired by Saturday Night Fever. We see Anthony Kiedis wearing nothing but white body white paint and a codpiece recreating classic scenes from the original 1977 disco movie. He is credited as Cole Dammett, the alias he used when he was a child actor.

    Dancer and performer Stephanie Crousillat (Punchdrunk's "Sleep No More") also makes a cameo.


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