Fight Inside
by Red

Album: Innocence & Instinct (2009)
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  • This epic song debuted at #1 on the R&R Christian Rock chart. It was the first single to ever debut at #1 on any Christian radio chart.
  • Vocalist Michael Barnes told New Release Tuesday that this song concerns the spiritual battle that we all go through. He explained that it, "portrays what the whole album is about: it's that constant fight - that battle within us. In Romans 7:19, Paul talks about the struggle he's facing between good and evil. He writes: 'I don't do the good thing I want to do, but I do the wrong thing that I don't want to do.'"
  • Barnes explained the album title to NewReleaseTuesday: "You know, when we're first born we have an innocence about us, but as we grow into maturity we develop an instinctual nature. Innocence and Instinct represents that duality; the two are polar opposites of each other."
  • Barnes added that Dante's medieval poem, The Divine Comedy, in particular its first movement Inferno, contributed to the concept of Innocence and Instinct. He explained: "As we were writing this record, Dante's Inferno was one of the books we were reading. What really inspired the idea behind the constant fight we're talking about was some of the illustrations by Gustave Doré, which are found in Dante's Inferno - especially the scenes where the angels are battling each other. With our first record End of Silence, we focused on redemption and restoration in the midst of a broken situation. On our latest project, Innocence and Instinct, we talk about the struggle itself and the battle that all of us face."
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