Part That's Holding On
by Red

Album: Of Beauty And Rage (2015)


  • This song explores the feelings of grief following the loss of a loved one or a breakup alongside the beauty of memories that were shared. Bassist Randy Armstrong cited this as a personal favorite track on Of Beauty And Rage. "'Part That's Holding On' is a song that moves me just a little more than the others," he explained, "because it reminds me to hold on to that strength inside that is what keeps me from falling into darkness."

    Armstrong added that this song, along with "Darkest Part" and "Shadow and Soul," represent the realization of the recordings Red did for Of Beauty and Rage. "They are the most truthful dives into the human spirit we have ever attempted.," he said. "As a band we have never been about pulling punches and these three songs are a punch in the throat. In the end we all have to find a way to hold on to what is right and what delivers the best version of ourselves."


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