Final Straw

Album: Around The Sun (2004)
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  • This song is about peace and deals with the war with Iraq. This album came out around the time of the 2004 US presidential election, when R.E.M. was strongly encouraging voters to choose John Kerry over George Bush. Around The Sun has a lot of songs dealing with politics. >>
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    Joe - Baltimore, MD
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  • Thomas from Washington D.c., VaThis is the most amazing song I have ever heard. I got it off of R.E.M. LIVE and it's incredible. Stipes voice is amazing, and the power he puts behind the words is astounding.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaYeah, I can see a lot of myself in this song...
  • Matthew from Milford, MaWow... I can so see this song being applied to Kevin Trudeau's fight against the pharmaceutical industry! And, in the same light, it can be applied to my efforts to support him in this cause!
  • Ian from Melbourne, Australiagreat haunting guitar riff.The lyrics are fantastic i personally see this as a letter to george bush.Stipe has been quoted as saying'We didnt do that because we 're big hollywood pop stars we did it becAuse were people and i have family in the armed forces" Around the sun is not the greatest REM album but it still has some fantastic tracks on it.
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