I'll Still Be Loving You

Album: Wheels (1986)
Charted: 33


  • This Todd Cerney, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy and Pat Bunch penned song was Restless Heart's second Country #1 single and their first to enter the Top 40 on the Hot 100.
  • The group was hesitant to record the song because of its lyrical content but producer Tim DuBois really pushed them to do so. Guitarist Greg Jennings recalled to Billboard magazine: "If you really examine the lyrics – 'I'll be yours until the sun doesn't shine, Til' time stands still;' Really, we were going to cut this? But, he pushed us to do it, and it worked."
  • Jennings recalled to Billboard magazine that the initial arrangement on the demo was very different to their final recording. "It was all fret-less bass and synthesizers," he said, "and ours was more acoustic."
  • Guitarist Dave Innis told us in a 2013 interview that he still loves performing this tune in concerts. "That is such a timeless song," he said. "Instrumentally, it's something."

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  • Gloria from UsaA perfect song for a wedding, could be from the groom to the bride, or vice versa. Simply put, it's an avowal of unending devotion. The instrumentals are incredible.
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