Manifest Destiny, Part 2

Album: Head Down (2012)
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  • This is the second of a two part song about the plight of the Native American. Drummer Michael Miley explained its background to Artist Direct: "The lyrical content is really heavy. The dude is going to hunt for buffalo and sees the tracks from the army's wagon headed for the camp from yesterday. You made it home, but your horse is dead and there are burning bodies lying around. Part 2, we're dealing with godless men over and over again. It's a paradox because the white man kept calling the Indians, 'Godless' and 'dirt worshippers.' When really, here are these totally spiritual beings who are one with the earth and don't leave a trace, and the white man comes in and calls them, 'Godless.' They're really godless. Part 2 is about the revenge. 'We're taking lives at dawn.' They'd stake out the army camps, attack in the morning, and scalp heads. It's the answer to Part 1."

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  • Charu from Pune, IndiaI am looking for some songs/album. I heard it in 1990, I think it was of mid-eighties.
    All songs were with vocoder music/robotic voices.
    One song was like-sunrise, sunrise (I don't know exact words) 1 2 3 yeah, dida, dida and then music starts like-dhyan,tyadang,tya-dya,dya,dhyan-tyadang. At the end of one song there was a great accident music, glass breaking music, a woman shouting. One song started with a laughing voice and then, oooo ooo aah-ooh. Please help me.
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