Come Undone

Album: Escapology (2003)
Charted: 4


  • Williams wrote this is about his days of doing cocaine and the effect it had on his mom: "They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street," "Because I'm scum and I'm your son." It says a lot about it being high one minute and low the next. >>
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    billy - benidorm, Spain
  • The video contains a sex scene that is rather disturbing. As Williams has sex with 2 women, shots of various insects and rodents are cut in and the women become men in drag. This scene may be a commentary on the media infatuation with his sexual orientation. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR

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  • George from Palmy, New Zealanddefiantly one of the top 5 Robbie songs ever. Robbie my idol
  • Em from Mudgee, AustraliaIn most lyrics it says "The young pretend you're in the clouds above the sea"
    but on the dvd And Through It All in a live performance it is actually "I'm a young pretender and my throwns a broken seat"
  • Marius from LüneburgThis song is simply great, the guitar play in combination with the lyrics are very moving. Even though I dont admire Williams, i believe this is one of the best songs ever written in the past years.
  • Stuart from Belfast, IrelandI really luv this song i think if kurt cobain was alive today this would be the kind of music he would be making
  • Ashley from Leicester , United StatesI think this song is one of the best he has done so far. It such a great song I am listening to it now. I wish he would keep singing it all the time thats how much i love the song. The lyrics are so moving.

  • Sam from Beirut, Otheri just have to agree with you aleisha.... i as well relate to a whole bunch of RW's lyrics... he simply is an artist
  • Katie from Melbourne, AustraliaI 100% agree with you Aleisha. Robbie is the bomb when he performs live, stuff the US. He will brake through very soon. I LOVE ROBBIE WILLIAMS!! He can rock M dj anytime *wink*
  • Aleisha from Adelaide, Australiathere is just something about the simplicity of Robbie's lyrics that capture me....i can relate to many of his songs and its easy to see he means every word of them!!! as for him singing live...he is just the bomb.....his voice is awsome and i dont understand anyone who thinks he is crap!!
    talking about how he couldnt break into the sure if he wanted to he would make a name for himself over there, but as he is living over there, he loves the fact that he can walk around the streets and do normal things without people recognising him...makes sense doesnt it!!?
  • Holly from Anywhere, CaIn response to Mel from Stockton on Tees above, Rob did not write this song entirely on his own.

    Songwriting credit (from ASCAP) is as follows:

    Guy's reluctance wasn't due to anything related to working with Rob on the song, Guy felt the song should not be on the album at all. Mostly likely since he had no songwriting credit, which as we know, ended that working relationship soon thereafter.

  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Sci don't actually listen to much newer music but I like this song. It's has a good story, and is very well written.
  • Andy from Kent, EnglandWilliams said that this song is also about how much he changes his mind but thinks its right every time.
  • Mel from Stockton On Tees, EnglandGuy Chambers hated this song, which was written entirely by Robbie. He (Guy) said it was 'shocking', but Robbie said that Feel's lyrics which they wrote together could be seen as shocking as well. Guy was reluctant to work on Come Undone and Nan's Song (both on Escapology) which were both 100% written by Robbie. He and Robbie stopped working together soon afterwards.
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