Forever Young

Album: Out of Order (1988)
Charted: 55 12


  • Stewart wrote this song with his guitarist Jim Cregan and his keyboard player Kevin Savigar. Rod considers it one of the songs he's most proud of, telling Mojo magazine in 1995: "I love 'Forever Young,' because that was a real heartfelt song about my kids. I suddenly realized I'd missed a good five years of Sean and Kimberley's life because I was so busy touring all the time. With these kids now I don't make that mistake – I take them on tour with me, so I can watch them grow up. So that's another favourite. Unfortunately, it wasn't a big hit in England, but it's like a national anthem here (America)."
  • Stewart recorded a new version for his 1996 compilation If We Fall in Love Tonight.
  • Andy Taylor of Duran Duran produced the album with Stewart and performed the guitar solo on this song.
  • The song returned to the UK singles chart in 2013 after it was featured in the Tesco 2013 Christmas advertising campaign. This time it peaked at #55, improving by two places its previous chart placing of #57.
  • This was used in a 1999 Pampers commercial showing baby animals growing up in the wild.
  • In The Office episode "Garden Party" from season 8, Andy's dad (Stephen Collins) and brother (Josh Groban" sing this as a duet. It was also used in the TV shows The Goldbergs ("Jimmy 5 Is Alive" - 2015), Glee ("Goodbye" - 2012) and in the movie Chances Are (1989).
  • This is also the name of a 1992 movie starring Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis. The song, however, is not used on the soundtrack.

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  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenThis was from Stewart's later, more restrained stage, which I appreciated.
  • Susan from Colorado Does anyone know where this video was filmed?
  • Cheryl Aubuchon from UsaWhat about the little kid in this video? What's his name is he done any acting?
  • Michelle from Wilson, NcWhen my son (now 20) graduated high school, I made a slide show of him growing up and this was one of the songs that I used. To me, it just sounded like the wishes that parents want for their kids. I tear up before he even starts singing in the song!
  • Mary Helen from HomeI do believe that Rod Stewart's Forever Young is an adaptation of Bob Dylan's song of the same title, according to secondhandsongs data

    "Forever Young

    Written by
    Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar, Rod Stewart
    Originally written by
    Bob Dylan
    Adapted from
    Forever Young written by Bob Dylan."
  • Jeff from Altoona, PaI was in the VA hospital for over one week because my dilantin level to control seizures was to high. While I was in the emergency room I was wondering constantly if I was going to live or die. I was thinking about that for a long time and when I stopped thinking about what may happen the next song on the radio was "Forever Young." Now since my brother was killed in 1991 I always had that song in memory of him because he was only 29 yrs old. I always had that song in memory of him and out of thinking for over an hour of what may or may not happen and out of all the millions of songs in this world today any song could have played on the radio but the song that played right after I was done thinking was "Forever Young" almost as if he was sending me a message - any song could have played but the only one that did was "Forever Young."
  • Laura from El Paso, TxI had the good fortune to see Rod Stewart in concert about 16 years ago. It was one of the best shows I have ever been to. He sang, and sang, and when his band took a break he kept on singing all by himself. What a true artist he is.....and this song is one of my favorites of his.
  • Jesse from Covina, CaI never listened to Rod Stewart too much until my kids downloaded for their i pods. Somehow it ended up on the i-pod they purchased for me. When I listened to the lyrics, it kicked me in the gut and made me think of the role we need to play in our childrens lives. Sadly my son, Jesse passed away during a college wrestling match on September 18, 2010.This songs will forver be Jesse's song. He led a beautiful life and passed on doing something he definetley loved doing. God Bless
  • Paul from Albany, NyThis song brings back good memories of my son who is now 24. When he was a cub scout (about age 10) the troop was moving on to the next step, and one of the mothers had a party for all the kids, and played this song. The message was that (she wished) all the boys could stay "Forever Young." Good memories !
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaTruly a wonderful, heartfelt, inspirationsal song. So the story goes, when Rod wrote this, he had been influenced by Bob Dylan's song of the same name and theme. He had not ocnsciously copied Dylan's song, but once it was pointed out to him, he could see the obvious. The two reached a settlement without all the lawsuit drama.
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