Leaky Little Boat

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  • Lead singer Roger Clyne wrote this. Clyne was in The Refreshments before forming The Peacemakers, who have built a following in the Southwest US, where many fans attend their twice-yearly concerts in Rocky Point, Mexico. Says Clyne: "That song came almost complete to me in a dream. It was a day after one of our Mexico shows. I had a whole bunch of guests at the house, and it was some time in the late morning, and that song came to me as I was in the process of waking. It's hard to explain how a song comes like that - you can almost see and hear the whole thing without having to play a tape, like time has nothing to do with it, you just know the song. Anyway, it was there. I jumped up out of bed, stepped over as many people as I could, grabbed my guitar, went out on the porch and started playing it so that I could remember it. Somebody asked me what it was before I was through, and I said, 'I don't know, it's not done. The transmission's not finished.' When I got through it, I went back in and found my tape recorder, hit 'record' and that was it. I later understood that it's a metaphor. Where it comes from I don't know. Subconscious. I don't know if it's personal or if it's something bigger than that, but it's a metaphor for any vehicle you might be traveling in or with. Everything in the universe is subject to creation and degradation, and it's all about the attitude you take, whether or not you're going to suffer or enjoy it. And good company is very, very important." (Get more in our Roger Clyne interview. His website is azpeacemakers.com.)
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