Album: Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It (2018)
  • This represents Rolo Tomassi's first attempt at penning a pop song.

    "'Aftermath' is the four-minute pop song that we've been trying to write for ages but never really nailed" keyboardist James Spence told The Independent. "We don't tend to write music like that, so it was difficult to judge when it was finished. Our instincts are usually to keep adding things and at one point, "Towards Dawn" and "Aftermath" were going to be one track, but that would have taken away from the idea of it being a song based around a more traditional pop formula."
  • Vocalist Eva Spence explained that the optimistic lyrical content was different for her too.

    "I couldn't have imagined us writing something like "Aftermath" several years ago" she said. "It comes from a place of hope and lyrically a lot of our other songs don't. It was one of the most challenging songs to write for me because I find it easier to draw from negatives than positives, especially when screaming. I was tweaking those lyrics for a long time, even whilst we were in the studio because I wanted them to be the best that they could be for this song that isn't like anything we've done before. You're immediately much more vulnerable when everyone can understand what you're saying but it feels good to have something like that on the record."


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