Album: Midnight Monsters EP (2021)


  • The COVID-19 pandemic made the world a lot smaller. For musicians, the broad strokes were canceled tours and home recording, but a lot of quotidian pleasures were lost as well. In this song, it's the cup of coffee the morning after a show that's missing.

    "Towards the beginning of quarantine, when everything felt very mundane, I brought my mind back to being on tour just at the beginning of march, to quite literally sitting downstairs in the lobby of one of the hotels, sipping a cup of coffee," Alyssa Coco of Roses & Revolutions said. "I realized there's something so small and special about it... there have been many times in my life that things have been discussed, or worked out with someone in a lobby of a hotel, whether in person or on the phone."
  • Roses & Revolutions is the duo of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt. On this track, they brought in the electronic artist Lostboycrow to add vocals, making a duet about a couple who have some serious issues to resolve. "It's always such a nice gust of inspiration to connect with people who are not only creative but incredibly kind and humble," he said. "'Coffee' (yes, I guess you could say we met over coffee) was our first time really going from internet friends to collaborators and it was so refreshing to be able to lend a piece of myself to the already smooth and wonderful foundation they had crafted."
  • The song opens with the clattering of a coffee shop, which was real, taken from voice memos the duo recorded at coffee shop. What sounds like a hi-hat is a spoon hitting a cup.


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