Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

  • This is a song about cravings - in this case, cigarettes, chocolate milk, jelly beans, candy, and general cravings Rufus has had. It is believed by fans that he has an addictive personality. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Davis - Montreal, Canada

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  • Jianna from Los AngelesWow!! This song was really good and it's very inspiring especially to the youth - youtube subscribers.
  • Sean from Boston, MaIn the song hey says....

    And then theres those other things....which for sevral reasons we wont mention...stranger,fatter,deadly ect

  • Andy from New York, NyHe has written publically about his addiction to Crystal meth and his recovery.(NYtiimes Magazine). Addiction and 12 step recovery are a major theme in his work.
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