High Water
by Rush

Album: Hold Your Fire (1987)


  • The lyrics were written by drummer Neil Peart. They are about the evolutionary and mystical relation we share with water... images of the beach and water under the Earth's surface show our relation. Peart is the band's primary lyricist. >>
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    Bob - Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Neil Peart (1988): "I always feel comfortable when I'm near water, be it the sound of the ocean or even the refreshing feeling of a dip in the swimming pool. I remember being in the center of one of Japan's biggest cities and the noise pollution was incredible. But right in the middle was this garden with a small waterfall that ran over a bunch of stones. It was designed in such a way that if you sat by the waterfall, the sound of water would drown out all the surrounding noises. I think the Japanese understand the therapeutic nature of water better than most." >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, Washington
  • Rush never performed this song live.

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  • Mike from FremontRush has dozens of albums, Patrick. They have actually abandoned Hold Your Fire. They aren't happy with it and don't expect to hear any of it's songs in their concerts (Which is a foregone conclusion now that they have retired I suppose but still). The band doesn't need to rearrange themselves to fit one disgruntled fan. They were doing things just fine to fill stadiums for more than forty years. If you weren't into them, don't listen.
  • Patrick from Bedford, TxSo I'm having one of those days and I ask my roommate Danny what to relax with, and he says listen to Rush. I pick this album and expect great things, but now I'm just confused. I listened all the way through and wrote my thoughts here, but I can't understand all the hype. I'm thinking maybe the other two shouldn't let the drummer write the words. And, they should ditch the keyboard. Let the guitarist make the decisions as he usually seems to be doing the best job. Jeez, boys, I know that you're trying, but try harder. So... What album would be a good one to listen to? I'm thinking maybe Roll the Bones?
  • Johnny from Pomona, CaThanks! I always get Rush and Merrilee Rush confused...their music is so similar! ;)
  • Brendan from Easton, CtI knew I had to get this album when I heard Tai Shan, howver, I was never expecting what I heard. High Water may well be the best song on the album, but it could be the worst. That's what's great about Hold Your Fire, no one song is better than the others, and no song defines it. It's one of those rare albums, like Hysteria, Dark Side of the Moon, or The Wall, that's an ALBUM, not a couple songs mixed in with B-sides. I love to listen to this song and imagine myself laying next to a stream, or swimming in the middle of the ocean on a clear sunset.
  • John from Asheville, NcI used to be pretty apathetic, as I was to the majority of the Hold Your Fire CD...but I've grown to really like this album a lot (!) and High Water...while still nothing brilliant...has a great sentiment and melody to it. The dynamic in the chorus is what sells it, moreso than the verses. That sustained chord and the melody beneath it works well.
  • Dave from Cardiff, Wales"When something left the ocean
    To crawl high above the foam --
    We still feel that elation
    When the water takes us home
    In a driving rain of redemption
    The water takes me home..."
    Fantastic lyric!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesNeither should this Rush be confused with Jennifer Rush... What on earth are her and Merrillee Rush doing in the Rush list??
  • Jesse from L.a., CaAnd a good one, at that!
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxThis Canadian trio should not be confused with Merrilee Rush; this Rush is a band.
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