Do I Wait

Album: Ashes & Fire (2011)
  • Ryan Adams' preference is not to go too deeply into the meaning of his lyrics when being interviewed. Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun about his thirteenth album, Ashes & Fire, he said: "The tranquillity of this record could be undermined very easily by the perception of the lyrics."

    However, he gave some clues to his thinking behind this song when he continued: "There is a duality in all of them and it's that natural duality that makes a song like 'Love You But I Don't Know What to Say,' 'Chains of Love' or my favourite song, 'Do I Wait' - there are lines in that song that could also speak to someone who felt caught up in the chains of love, confused by it."
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  • Robert from Attica, MichiganRyan wrote this song during the Love is Hell record sessions. He kept aside almost a decade. Masterpiece with the b 3 organ. Best song on the record Ashes and Fire.
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