Psycho Suicidal Girl

  • In our interview with Ryan Star, the former Rock Star: Supernova contestant explained that this song is about a real person. Said Star: "She was what people call a cutter, inflicting pain on themselves. And I never knew it. I fell for all the excuses for a long time. And then I got to witness it and see it. It was hard, and I was also feeling that I was responsible for it. There's a lot of weight around that song. And it's my joke song, it's a funny tongue-in-cheek song, but it's quite possibly the heaviest real-life experience. And to be honest, I keep in touch with the hero of that one. I get a great reaction when I sing, 'Now it's all about having fun, I'm with the girl in the song, but now I'm paying a price and know the sex was nice. You're a psycho suicidal girl.' (laughs) So it's funny: 'is the juice worth the squeeze,' as they say."
  • How much of this song is true? Star told us: "I sometimes introduce it as saying that in all of my other songs I'm half full of s--t, but this song every word is true. (laughs) It's my most honest song that I think I've ever written. I had this line, 'You're wasting my time' or something. And again, I was falling into a new relationship, realizing, Well, where is this old one going? And I mean, line for line, you could read it. It's just the story.
    The funny side is I think there's a little bit of that in everybody. I introduce the song at concerts, and I say, 'Listen, everybody, if you know somebody like this in your life, then you're totally in the clear. So it's all good, you guys are gonna be fine. But if you don't know somebody like this, it's probably you.' (laughing) So I tell them to really get in there and scratch their brains and find someone, because I think there is a little bit of everybody in this song, and that's why I think I like it so much. I get to concerts and guys and girls, are wearing shirts that say 'psycho suicidal girl.' It's like they all relate. And on the more sad side, it is very true.
    I make light of it and I actually still know this person now, but at the time it was very hard because there was a very real thing happening. I kid you not, I opened the bathroom door to a pretty big mess one day. And I reacted the way I react in life, which is usually not too emotional. I kind of take it in, and I wind up putting it in songs. But it was a very matter-of-fact thing, and it was a very intense experience for me to see somebody treating themselves like that. But then I also learned a lot about what people do and what people go through. And it's a real problem."
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