Time's Up
by Saga

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  • A track from the Canadian band Saga's most successful album, "Time's Up" wasn't a hit but did become a live favorite. In our interview with lead singer Michael Sadler, he talked about the song's meaning: "It's about being a daydreamer and a man of inaction sitting there going, 'Well, if I could do this and I could do that.' And before you know it, time has passed by and you didn't do any of those things you were thinking. You didn't act on any one of them.

    You may have some passion about a few different things, but if you just sit there going, 'Boy, wouldn't it be great if I did this?' And 'Wouldn't it be great if I did that?' Well, you'd better get off your tush and start doing something, brother, because it's going to be too late to do something about it before you know it."
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