One Last Song

Album: The Thrill of It All (2017)
Charted: 27


  • Much of Sam Smith's debut album In The Lonely Hour was about his unrequited love for a straight, married man. This song from his sophomore release The Thrill of It All finds him visiting the object of the affections one last time. He explained to The Sun:

    "I wasn't writing about this guy for the majority of the time and then towards the end of the album, weirdly, it's like I'd said everything I had to say about everything else and he started to creep back into my mind. I was looking back on the ghosts of my past and the love that I'd experienced and I kept looking back to that situation and how much it's changed me.

    And I sat with myself and I was like, 'Sam, you've got to shut up, stop speaking about this person'. That was my final wave goodbye."
  • After the broken relationship that Sam Smith sings about on "Too Good At Goodbyes," the ex that inspired most of In the Lonely Hour leapt back into his mind. The singer told Beats 1's Zane Lowe, "I didn't like it."

    He added that "I was in Nashville when I wrote this and I woke up and was really angry that morning. There's an angst in that song."


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