No Place That Far

Album: No Place That Far (1998)
Charted: 37
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  • Written by Sara Evans with veteran songwriters Tony Martin and Tom Shapiro, this country ballad is the title track from Evans' second studio album. The song begins with the singer imagining what life would be like without her partner and the lengths she would go to find him.

    Vince Gill provides backing vocals and appears in the music video. Martin and Shapiro also collaborated on Tim McGraw's 1997 hit "Just to See You Smile."
  • This was Evans' first #1 single on the Country chart.
  • Evans shared her stance on songwriting with Country Stars Central: "I think that as a singer when you write your own songs it sometimes can sound more authentic. Like 'No Place That Far,' it's a melody that I wrote myself and I really enjoyed writing it. It's not to say that I won't throw out a song that I've written for a better song that I did not write because there are many, many times that I've been pitched a song that I couldn't write or sounded more like me than something I wrote."
  • Director Thom Oliphant remembers Evans being extremely nervous about shooting the music video, but she was happy to share her ideas for the clip. "She wanted to do a fantasy storybook idea," Oliphant recalled in a Songfacts interview.

    There wasn't room in the budget for a trip to a redwood forest, so the director found the next best thing at Cedars of Lebanon State Park near Nashville, Tennessee. "I was thinking of the book called The Polar Express. The forests always looked like they were really tall and you could really run straight through them and never hit a branch, and this place looked like that."


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