She's In Love

Album: Gutter Ballet (1989)


  • Jon Oliva (founder and lead vocalist of Savatage) explained to Holland edition Aardschok/Metal Hammer in February 1990: "If you're in possession of an old-fashioned LP, this is the first song on the B-side, which obviously is the heavy side of this album. The lyrics are very sarcastic and are totally the opposite of what people would expect looking at the title. It certainly is not a love song, on the contrary the lyrics are purely sexual, almost mean maybe. The main character is a woman who isn't in love with a specific person, but with a certain part of that person's body. And the fact that's she is partial to taking that body part into her mouth. It obviously is not about any particular woman, but about a certain group of women that really deserve being made fun of. We all know who are being meant here. The lyrics absolutely aren't perverse or anti-woman. It's just a funny story about things that happen in this world." >>
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