Alive With The Glory Of Love

Album: Say Anything... Is A Real Boy (2004)


  • This song was written from the perspective of a Jew living in Europe during World War II. It's evident from the references to the Axis and him not wanting them to "take" his girlfriend. >>
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    Jack - Philadelphia, PA
  • Max Bemis' grandparents inspired this song, which speaks of a couple trying to survive the Holocaust and reuniting after the war. >>
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    Logan - Kansas City, KS

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  • Staceey from ., Australiagotta love the "yeah"'s in this and the end of the workcamps line,they are addictive, didn't know the lyrics til just now but theyre really pretty.
    i love "a walk through hell" too
  • Tello from Nyc, Nyreally great song. Say Anything's really good. i loveeee Max Bemis. if you want to check out some of thier other songs try "walk through hell" "i want to know your plans" "woe" "its a metaphore, fool" and "wow, i can get sexual too" there's way more that i didn't add here. Check them out on itunes.
  • Rachel from Boston, Mathis song tells the story of Max's grandparents, who's loved survived the holocost. Of course, the story is told how Max always imagined it =). great song, great lyrics.
  • Mermi from Nyc, NyThere's so many hidden historical facts in this song, that you'd never know unless you've listened to it 5,000 times. For example, they talk about "gold fillings, wallets, and rings" being collected, they claim that their "treblinka", or Nazi extermination camp, is "alive with the glory of love", and how their city will "fall to the Axis". I'm pleased that it wasn't an ignorantly written song. Clever lyrics always surprise me when it comes to music these days.
  • Mermi from Nyc, NyOn the surface, this seems like just another pop/rock song, but it's much more than that. It's actually a love story that takes place during the Holocaust.
  • Maddie from Denver, Cothis is an awesome song. i've come to love it. i think it's such an awesome love song, and i love the meaning of the it. it's one of my favorite songs.
  • Jonatan from PiteaToday was actually the first time i really started to listen to this song.The thing that make this song so great (except the melody) is the lyrics. The lyrics have a wonderful way of describing love, now in the shape "of a Jew living in Europe during World War II" who's trying to prevent his girlfriend from being taken by the Axis.
    There's many "funny" and nice lines from the text, such as - "But Miss Black Eyeliner, You'd look finer, with each day in hiding" , "Should they catch us, and dispatch us to those separate work camps, I'll dream about you, I will not doubt you with the passing of time, oh ya..
    Should they kill me, your love will fill me as warm as the bullets, ya.."
    Anyway it's a great song that I think many people have and will love.

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