Loudest Alarm

Album: Scars on 45 (2012)


  • Scars On 45 is an English indie rock band, who are fronted by former Huddersfield Town junior footballer Danny Bemrose. After being ignored by the British music industry for several years, the band secured a deal with the US with Chop Shop Records, a division of Atlantic Records. This bonus track from their self-titled debut album finds Bemrose voicing his frustrations at Scars On 45's early years of struggle. He told Rick Florino of Artist Direct: "Where we come from, there were all of these bands getting signed and doing really. However, to me, they seemed really fake, and I knew they were fake. They'd put an image across with their band because it was deemed "cool" or it was what NME wanted them to say. They were talking about things they didn't really know much about. The song concerns that. It's me sticking the middle finger up at a people who are really fake. I've changed my opinion a little bit, but I do think a lot of bands say things in interviews to draw attention to themselves that aren't necessary. They say it to sell records. We believe you just have to be yourself. We try to be nice to people. We're under no illusion that we're doing anything groundbreaking or pushing the boundaries in regards to our music. We're just writing songs, playing in a band, and doing what we enjoy. Hopefully, people like them! However, we're not going to try to sell records or draw attention to ourselves by saying something we don't know anything about."


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