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  • According to vocalist-keyboardist Alejandra Deheza and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Curtis, The School of Seven Bells' third album Ghostory is, "the tale of a young girl named Lafaye and the ghosts that surround her life." Deheza explained to Consequence of Sound the ghostly concept: "For me, ghosts are what I call those people and situations that you carry with you everywhere. Because they remind me of ghosts. They're these entities that are whispering to you constantly and reminding you of things. Sometimes you'll go into a situation, and it'll remind you of five different people at five different points in your life. Maybe the situation is you run into someone that you're uncomfortable being around or even somebody that you miss, you know? It's just the way that I see those kind of mixed emotions. They do remind me of people that follow you around everywhere."
  • Ghostory is the first SVIIB album to feature live drums, but Curtis reverted back to his original approach on a couple of tracks. He told SonicScoop: "We also recorded drums for the songs 'Love Play' and 'Show Me Love,' but I actually wound up going back to an electronic approach for those. It was just a dimension I missed. There's a dimension you get with electronic sounds that music can't get otherwise. It's a color, and everything is there to tell the story of the song better."


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