In Between

Album: Seasons Change (2018)
  • Scotty McCreery penned this coming-of-age song with his producer Frank Rogers and songwriters Jessi Alexander and Jonathan Singleton. During the track, McCreery describes some of the things which make him the regular guy that he is.

    Just holding down the middle
    I'm steady as I go
    I ain't all holy water
    And I ain't all Jim Beam
    I'm somewhere in between
    Yeah, I'm somewhere in between
  • McCreery wrote the song in response to his discomfort with the misconception that he as a "holier than thou guy." Instead, he is just a normal young adult who enjoys a bit of everything. "I am human; I make mistakes. And I like to have fun. I'm just a regular guy," the singer told Rolling Stone Country. "The [co-writers] said, 'Yeah, you are not a holier than though guy and you're not a party guy. You're in between.' So we just ran with it."
  • McCreery expanded on the story behind the song during an interview with Billboard magazine: "Me, Frank, Jonathan Singleton, and Jessi Alexander wrote that song and it was a great time," he said. "That to me is an anthem for who I am. I'm not this holier than thou guy, but I'm not this party guy either. I'm kind of stuck somewhere in between, which I think a lot of folks out there in the world are. They don't identify with either of the far right or far left, just kind of right there in between and living life the best they can. That's what that song says and I'm really pumped about it."
  • Scotty McCreery penned "In Between" with Jessi Alexander, Frank Rogers and Jonathan Singleton back in 2015. He recalled to The Boot: "We were just talking about life that day, and kind of where I was at when I was 21, 22 years old, and it was just a conversation. We didn't have a title or hook or anything, and we were just kind of talking, and the song came out that way."
  • The song's music video shows Scotty McCreery at home with his wife Gabi as well as drinking and golfing with his pals and hanging out backstage with his band. "One of the things I've learned through traveling around the country is that people are a lot more alike than we are different," the singer explained. "We're all rarely 100% one thing or the other. We usually are somewhere in between."

    McCreery continued, "Using that as the theme, I think this video gives viewers a good idea of what the different aspects of my life are like."


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