Posh Girls

Album: Everybody Wants To Be On TV (2010)
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  • With such lyrics as "Posh girls have good manners / But they go like the clappers," and "There's nothing like a little bit of class / Wrapped in a perfect arse," this song has been dubbed sexist by critics. However, frontman Roy Stride refutes the charge. He told The Daily Mail May 7, 2010: "Some people have said Posh Girls is misogynistic, but I don't agree. It stemmed from a conversation I overheard on a bus. There were two blokes chatting, and one of them said posh girls 'go like the clappers.' I thought it was a brilliant line for a song. It's supposed to be a fun number that people can jump around to at gigs. But I don't think that many other bands could get away with it. I'm a Coldplay fan, but I can't imagine Chris Martin singing it. We tackle subjects like that with a knowing wink."
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