Kiss From A Rose
by Seal

Album: Seal (1994)
Charted: 4 1


  • One of the more mysterious songs ever written, there has been much speculation as to the meaning of "Kiss From A Rose" - many think it has something to do with drugs, while others hear it as an expression of love or a journey to the afterlife. Seal has never explained what the song is about, offering only that there was "some kind of relationship that inspired the lyrics."

    Seal bucked convention by including printed lyrics with the album, something he did because he didn't want to wash away anyone's interpretation. He also says that his songs often mean more than one thing, so attributing a meaning would be too simplistic. In lieu of lyrics, Seal wrote a screed on the subject that went with the album. "I think it's the general vibe of what I'm saying that is important and not the exact literal translation," he wrote. "The song is always larger in the listener's mind because with it they attach imagery which is relative to their own personal experience. So it is your perception of what I'm saying rather than what I actually way that is the key."
  • Seal wrote this song sometime around 1988 when he was living in a squat in Kensal Green, London. He says it was a liberating time, as it was before he had a record deal and there was no pressure on him. He didn't know how to play any instruments, so he sang the instrumental parts onto a 4-track tape recorder as an experiment. He tossed the tape aside and thought nothing of it; when he recorded his 1991 debut album, he didn't even consider it.

    The song was revived two years later when Seal played if for his best friend, who told his producer Trevor Horn about it. Horn made Seal play it for him, and he liked what he heard. They recorded the song for his second album (Seal, 1994), but they still nearly tanked it. "I thought it was too flowery and that it didn't fit," Seal told The Guardian. They were going to pull it from the tracklist, but reconsidered after their friend Lynne Franks heard the album-in-progress and said she liked "that song that was something about a rose."
  • The song was released as a single in the UK, where it went to #20 in July 1994. In America, the song didn't get noticed until it played under the end credits of the movie Batman Forever and was included on the soundtrack. The film was released in May 1995, nearly a year after Seal's album was issued. The movie appearance sparked demand for the song in the US; it was issued as a single there in June 1995 and climbed to #1 in August.

    Batman Forever was distributed by Warner Bros., the same conglomerate that owned Seal's US label, Sire Records. The song was submitted for a love scene featuring Nicole Kidman's Dr. Chase Meridian character and Val Kilmer's Batman, but the film's director Joel Schumacher decided it was a better fit under the end credits.
  • With its curious waltz time, lavish harmonies and epic sound proportions, this song had a very different sound and stood out on the radio, where many stations were willing to play it. In the US, it was a #1 hit on the Adult Contemporary charts for 12 weeks.
  • This won Grammy Awards in 1996 for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance. It wasn't eligible for an Oscar because the song appeared on Seal's album before it was used in the film.
  • U2 contributed the song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" to Batman Forever, which was released as the first single and played before "Kiss From A Rose" in the credits.
  • This song was a worldwide hit, scoring in the Top 10 in Australia, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the US, and the UK. In 1994, there was no getting away from it on the radio.
  • Not only is this song part of the Batman Forever soundtrack, but the second version of the video contains a great deal of film footage, and has Seal on a rooftop stage set next to a bat-signal. This ages the song badly, as - brace yourself for an onslaught from the world's most hideous fandom - director Joel Schumacher was later credited with ruining the Batman franchise "forever," resulting in the reboot with the Nolan version.
  • What is Seal's actual birth name? Take a deep breath and say "Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel." Yes, all six of them. Seal is of Nigerian and Brazilian heritage, which might explain some of his unique international appeal.
  • "Kiss From A Rose" is Seal's only #1 hit on the Billboard charts; however, he charted five times in the Billboard Top 40 from 1991 ("Crazy") to 1996 (a cover of Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle"). This song also made it to #1 on the Billboard Mainstream, Hot Adult and Adult Contemporary charts.
  • Seal appeared in a commercial for the NFL that aired during the 2016 Super Bowl where he and groups of children sang a reworked version of this song to drive home the message of the spot: that cities that win a Super Bowl see an increase in births nine months later. In the commercial, these "Super Bowl Babies" sing stilted lyrics like "What makes this Super Bowl so super, a game we adore?" and "Mom and dad looked at each other, one thing led to another that night," while Seal appears near the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • This was featured in an episode of the TV miniseries The people v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. It is used in a scene where prosecutor Marcia Clark has a breakdown, which would have taken place around March 1995, close to when the song was released as a single in America.
  • Ed Helms sings along to this in the 2015 movie Vacation in a scene where the song comes on the radio and he tries, unsuccessfully, to get his family to sing along. Later, he has more luck, getting everyone to join in when he sings it on a roller coaster.

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  • Keame from GhanaI like this song because the melody and vocal harmony sounded like Seals & Crofts. Try to listen S &C songs.
  • AnonymousWhat is the gray?
  • Mark Riva from L.a.OK gang, if the mini-report at the top saying that Seal wrote this while living in a squat has any measure of truth, and I believe it mostly is true, then you can almost guarantee this song, if he was actually referencing "drugs," is NOT about cocaine. Use your common sense. No one living at that level has the money to afford such a thing.

    And, if you actually know anything about Seal's early day's leading up to first album, which was the height of the "Acid House" scene, where no one as conscious and progressive as Seal would ever be doing coke, but instead something similar, but better, MDMA, otherwise known as "Ecstasy," or "Adam," which combines psychoactive like that found in LSD or "Acid" with methamphetamine. I know this because I was an American club-rave DJ at that very same time, as well as a journalist who was interviewing everyone who was anyone coming out of London.

    Seal's very first appearance on a record was in songwriting collaboration on, and doing vocals for, the song Killer by, and here's a giveaway, Adamski. This song came out as a 12' dance sing for Club DJ's, which I bought and still have. THEN, I was one of the first people in America to interview Adamski and the piece was published in couple West Coast underground magazines including FAD out of San Francisco.

    Killer launched Seal and quickly lead to his first record contract. On his debut album, Seal re-recorded Killer. THEN, after Kiss From A Rose was recorded, the song remixed by, who else, Adamski (Kicks from a Rhodes Remix).
  • Cliff from Vicksburg, Ms Seal "bucked tradition" by printing the lyrics on the cover, eh?
    Sorry, but The Beatles did that with their 1967 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • Larry from Atlanta, Ga UsNot to come across too cheeky or crass, but this song is about a West African man getting his first taste of the coveted, foreign, mysterious, taboo white woman. (From an African man's persepctive--not universally--specifically, a black man's perspective). She unexpectedly and absolutely blows his mind--and other things, I'm sure--and he refers to the experience of her as a drug. He's hooked to her like an addict.

    The same is said of black men from the perspective of white women who experience their first BBC. They say it can be Earth shattering.

    Amazing how such contrasts can magnetize so powerfully!
  • Cj from SydneyJust to add to my take on it - Rose and snow are both slang (not just metaphors) for amphetamines. These would have been common use in drug culture in London at the time.
  • Cj from SydneyMy take on it...

    There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea
    You became the light on the dark side of me
    Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill
    (Love is the drug that the high)
    But did you know that when it snows
    (Metaphor for cocaine or amphetamines)
    My eyes become large
    (Dilated Pupils)
    And the light that you shine can't be seen?
    (The light is from within - from the high)

    Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey
    (Rose is a metaphor for amphetamines and grey is his depression)
    Ooo, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah
    (Of course)
    Now that your rose is in bloom
    (The drug is coming on.. peaking.. working)
    A light hits the gloom on the grey
    (All the nasty feelings go away)

    There is so much a man can tell you
    So much he can say
    (Of course - its intense)
    You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain
    (Perfect metaphor for drug use)

    Baby, to me, you're like a growing
    Addiction that I can't deny
    (Of course...)
    Won't you tell me, is that healthy, baby?
    (Psychologically yes - it makes the nasty feelings go away, physically no; as any drug user knows)

    ... And if I should fall, will it all go away?
    I've been kissed by a rose on the grey
    (come down, and yes the good feelings will go away - its not called a come down for no reason)
  • Tom from Aberdeen, South Dakota, UsaWow I just realized that seal must have had an epiphany from the cocaine or while on it about his personal life that reverberated through out his life and effects how he choses to live today. Like he had to find another addiction to replace coke and it was his wife and family.
  • Tom from Aberdeen, South Dakota, UsaWell met strangers,
    this song popped into my head today and I couldn't remember the words so I ended up at this site.
    After reading the lyrics, I thought what the heck was he thinking about or trying to describe.
    I read somewhere that he wrote it about his cocaine addiction. (I am lazy and don't wont to look back in my browser history at where I found it) but I assure you that also according to others this song could perfectly describe what cocaine can do to you. I suppose that he wanted to find a way to cause others to be able to attach themselves to the feeling of the experience through just vague enough words that most of us can use our imagination to fill in the blanks with our own ideas or life experience. There are many things in life that are contradictory. Things that can beautiful and painful at the same time. Oh hell there could be tons of songs about the whole idea of how things make us feel and in describing that thing all you end up doing is not describing that thing at all but only the feelings that accompany that thing?
    I bet he had a blast writing this and probably didn't even have the music written till much later probably would have to ask the man himself for the details on that.

    Anyhow I could ramble on about this atm but I know how reading big blocks of text can be for some so I must bid you farewell!

  • The Wolf from Sarajevo BihHi everybody,
    I am from Sarajevo and I write songs and feel very sorry that I didn't wrote this song..
    This song is so beautiful that I consider it "mine" cause it is almost autobiographic and similar happened to me and my wife.
    I wasn't on cocaine (to expensive) but grey in a way and choose her 21 years ago... We are still in love and married and we have 3 kids
    Regards to everyone.:-)
    I think it is both about love and cocaine.
    Sorry if my English is bad I learned it by my self :-)

    He has felt alone like the tower in the sea of life which is supposed to shine and help other swimmers and boats with his light but instead of that he was graying (coloring everything in to a grey and desperate )
    He probably used the drugs to shine and see better (my eyes become large) but one part was always against.
    Then he met a woman so shiny that she put a light on his dark side and he felt like he don't need drugs because he knew it is not healthy.
    Still afraid and surprised he is comparing her beauty with a beauty and smell of a rose and her blooming near him who was grey and cloudy.
    Knowing that rose can easily die in this conditions and being afraid of killing her would kill him he is asking is this healthy meaning on the love that they have just discovered.

    On the and he felt like kissed by a rose on a grey (he was grey gloomy and cloudy and didn't expect that rose can bloom in a cloudy weather) he started to believe cause she has obviously find a track of sun through the clouds in all his greynes and he told her that he is aware that drug is a problem, "when it snows"(meaning on him on cocaine) "my eyes become large" but light that she shines he can't see cause he becomes someone else . In a way saying that he is aware of a danger, and he will choose her love instead of a pill cause her love makes him feel the same but makes them both live. Thanks to this woman we still have Seal, one of the greatest...

    All the best from Sarajevo
  • Shinyaeon from HoustonThis song HAS to be about drugs—if a musician has ever used a drug, then obviously that's all he can write about, forever after. I mean, the lyrics actually contain drug metaphors ("love is the high, not the pill," "you're like a growing addiction"). Everyone knows if you that if you mention anything drug-like in a song, it means that the entire song is about drugs. What else is there to talk about, after you bring drugs into the equation?

    Remember, ANY word that has ever been used as drug-related slang—even a commonplace noun like "snow"—can only have one meaning to a musician. Oh—that meteorological winter phenomenon, where water falls as frozen hexagonal crystals? Pfft! Who could care about something lame like that? Even if, you know, the falling crystals are kind of pretty, and work as a multicultural metaphor for beauty, fragility, death, heavenly grace, and all kinds of other interesting ideas. But come on! He mentioned eyes "becoming large" because of the "snow." Obviously, that can only refer to pupil dilation. The fact that one's eyes might, you know, OPEN wider sometimes, especially when one is struck by beauty or a sense of wonder (like when it starts to snow) is completely irrelevant.

    "Greying tower alone by the sea:" drugs. Sure, Seal is British, and there are lots of ACTUAL old towers standing alone by the sea all over the British Isles, but who would write a song about some moldy old building? You may think that "grey" could refer to the stone such a tower was made of—especially towers exposed to the waves and storm winds of the seashore—but you're just being naïve. Grey is almost like white, so that's probably cocaine again. Or it describes how he feels while on drugs. 'Cause drugs are the only thing that can make a person feel "grey."

    (Of course, that's if the tower doesn't refer to an erection—anything taller than it is wide usually does. Sure, I've already said the whole song is about drugs—but that's only EXCEPT for the parts that are about sex. Sex and drugs are both things that hippies and musicians do a lot of, so they're practically the same thing, right?)

    And "kissed by a rose"—I'm not quite sure how that refers to drugs, but I'm certain it does. Yeah, okay—roses are red, like lips, and their velvety-soft petals can feel almost like a kiss when they brush against your skin. The sight of a rose against the grey stone of a tower might even be a moderately attractive contrast...vivid color and new life blooming against the ancient, weathered stones of a structure long abandoned...but that doesn't matter. Sure, you might THINK that if you were looking at such a sight, and then it started to snow, you might feel some kind of amazement at the beauty of it all, and your eyes might grow larger as you took in the sight in wonder. You might even be reminded of a person you loved, and how she seemed to be a breath of vibrance in a dull, grey world, a source of inner light amidst the gloom, and represented hope to you when you were in despair—but remember: NONE of that is as important to a musician as DRUGS. End of story.
  • Regine from Frankfurt, GermanyI go with Eric, a guy who is an island but feels the love for this woman. He is not sure if he will be able to leave his lonely place and trust her totally. In my opinion, the "snow" part means that only sometimes (it doesn't snow too often) he doesn't see or accept her love for him. Altogether he hopes it'll all turn out well but he doesn't trust his feelings.
  • Eathan from Muskogee, OkThis song is a very good song, some people say its about love, some say its about sex, this song IS about drugs, its about seals cocaine addiction.
    "you became the light on the dark side of me" the effects of the cocaine took over him and gave him a feeling that addicted him to it.
    "did you know that when it snows my eyes become wide and the light that you shine can be seen" when it snows is more or less a way of saying it gives him a similar feeling to the drug effects as if he was looking at a pile of cocaine (when it snows, snow is a white powder) and craving the addictive feeling (my eyes become wide).
    "I compare you to a kiss from a rose" hes comparing the rush he got from the drug to his dull past life
    "you remain my power, my pleasure, my pain" admitting that his addiction is empowering, pleasuring, and breaking him apart at the same time hints the line "to me you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny, won't you tell me is that healthy babe?"
    "I've been kissed by a rose on the grey" I took the drug, I fell in love with the feeling it gave me, and i'm hooked on it.
    It's a very simple song to understand.
  • Jim from Pleasant Hill, CaI'd just like to say how tiresome it is to see people assume every song is about drugs, drugs, drugs. Get some greater depth, folks! Seal's lyrics tend to by cryptic, but don't assume it's always drugs, drugs, drugs.
  • Thomas from Mannum, AustraliaWrong, wrong, wrong.

    It's a love song, and a dirty one at that.

    "Grey" = penis
    "Rose" = lips (as in, a woman's red lips)

    Hence, he's comparing his lover (whom he apparently admires greatly) to a "kiss" from a "rose" on the "grey."

    All the so-called drug references are just lyrical abstractions and double meanings. What Seal is saying is that his girlfriend is the best, the greatest, the sexiest thing in the world - that makes him feel as good as receiving oral sex.
  • Kat from Adelaide, AustraliaGreat song. Love it! But, it's not about love, it's about drugs.

    " ... when it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can't be seen"
    "You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain"

    It's a song about cocaine, not sex.
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjBe good to yourself.

    Life is to short.

    Please learn from mistakes.

    Mis takes like imagine ur self in a motion pic.

    Would u like it ?

    If not change the rose for love with no thorns

    Go green. Trees...
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjYes Yes agree the song has soul of knowledge , need to understand our destiny, choose black eyes n u will die in black thorn. the rose only grown when we wake and change for the choices of life. choose correctly my friends before its to late.
    one of my most fav. songs hoping love concores over drugs, and it will if will of life in within. Beauty only happens when life is loved.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI absolutely love this song! His voice is amazing! Seal can hit some high notes! Ha! Makes me want to watch Batman!!!
  • Charles from Jupiter, FlThe Batman has two lives. Each one pulls and tugs on his being. He can't live both of them. He is pulled into the Darkness of the Night and its excitement. The kiss is from a woman who was saved in the dark. Now he is wanting to betray that Darkness for the woman's love...... Now we know that Seal didn't write this song for the movie....but I see the dichotomy of 'two selves' trying to live like one. Doesn't fit, so there is a struggle.

    What do the words mean from Seal? Just singing what sounds good. The power of a man's love. The kiss of a woman in the dark. I registered to just say this stuff. You all I am not here to defy any other comments or thoughts stated. This is a place to just talk. I can't see any use of drugs. Seal's life has been clean other than his 'badness' of his younger years. Every year he and his wife renew their vows and throw a big party inviting everyone. Then he slips into the shadows with his and family for some private time. NOT JOKING

    I wish you all the best.
  • Rachel from Augusta, KsI love this matter what it means. The very first movie my husband and I saw together was Batman Forver. Wonderful memories.
  • Bloodaxe from Lincoln, NeI'm with Mary. I knew a few music business producers and managers when the song was originally released in 1994, and the rumor was that the lyrics were intentionally ambiguous. So, based on what I know, I'll take it one step further - the song is about MUTUAL cocaine addiction...

    "When it snows", "my eyes become large", "Love is the high, not the pill" and "kissed by the rose on the grey".

    It's about being addicted to either cocaine or heroin (I hear it's the former). You're a "greying tower" from that addiction, but you fall in love with someone who shares your addiction, which makes her become the "light on the darkside of me". This "light" is actually the singer's "epiphany" -- his new love causes him to re-evaluate his desire for cocaine since he wants to know if her love with him is based on sharing cocaine or if the love is real. That strong statement of what HE believes is said when he sings "love is the high, not the pill". He's literally asking her: "Is our love based on each other, or is it based on doing cocaine together?" So his concern is this "rose" (The "rose" is a symbol for true love) so -- is her kiss based on "love", or is it based on getting more coke? "A kiss from a rose on the grey".

    Here's the mysterious, open to a lot of interpretationt: When he sings ""now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the grey". (Hang on, non-drug users, here's your backalley education):

    Coke users know about "bindles" (a 3"x3" piece of magazine paper folded in a certain way to "unfold" ("bloom") and reveal the coke inside. His new girl he loves probably cut her bindles out of "fashion magazines" and one day, he opened a bindle that showed a rose on it, which hit his emotions when he saw the parallels and symbolism about what their love really was".

    So when he sings the "now that your rose is in bloom" (opening the rose photo on the bindle to reveal the coke) then a "light hits the gloom on the grey." Seal is literally saying "when you opened this bindle, a light came and took my gloom away, but it was a ROSE on the bindle -- that meant he had TWO symbolic roses to choose from - the rose on the bindle of coke, or the rose that represents her TRUE LOVE he thinks is blooming, just like when the rose bindle "bloomed".)

    When he uses the word "grey", he's talking about his mood. Winston Churchill (and other prominent people) back in the 19th and 20th centuries used to talk about their depression as being "the black days". Others refer to "grey" the same way, where their mood or depression isn't debilitating, but it's unpleasant.)

    One of the major reasons I think my interpretation is correct is because you CAN'T connect the verses "when it snows" and "my eyes become large" without understanding the effect of cocaine on your eyes. They dilate (become large). Supporting this, very blatantly, is that it's well known that brightness makes your pupils get smaller, and you even squint, except when you do cocaine or meth/speed. The only other way to interpret it is that "when it snows" his "eyes become large" because he's looking into his love's "purity", so he's searching for that purity/angelic/virginity. But that's a stretch for this song because there's no other lyrics to support that position. Most of the lyrics point to a question about love between two people who are addicted to cocaine.

    Also, "baby to me you're like a growing addiction that i cant deny, wont you tell me is that healthy baby?" He's clearly asking her to answer whether his addiction is to her, or the coke. He won't "deny her love", but he truly wants her to tell him that their cocaine usage is "unhealthy". That's about as obvious as it gets. Some people try to say he's asking if his love for her is "unhealthy", but the other ambiguous romantic verses deny that. In this verse, but it's stated she's a "growing addiction" and he wants her to tell him what he's feeling is healthy, or if their cocaine use is healthy. That's not the words of a stalker obsessed person (plus I don't think Seal would refer to himself as a stalker type).

    I think Seal knew he had a coke problem, didn't like it ("greying tower alone...") and then he met someone who had the same addiction to coke and he related to her, but now he asks her if their relationship is "healthy" since they're both doing coke together. If she tells him their love is "healthy", then he knows it's not about the cocaine, and he's received a "kiss from a rose on the grey".

    Finally, the last phrase, based on the title of the song, means that if she loves him knowing she can save him and she's his "rose" (pure love, no cocaine desire), then she kisses him on "the grey" - which is his attempt to lose his addiction to cocaine, and the "kiss from a "rose" on the 'grey'" means:

    She is telling him she loves him and they can stop doing cocaine, and her kiss brings light to his "grey".
  • Aaron from Maryville, TnTo Ralph below:

    I think you're taking art for far less than it could be. To me, one of the greatest things great art does is provide the recipient with different levels of experience. This song (just like Moby Dick) is a perfect example. It can be listened to on a purely surface level and appreciated simply for the beautiful sounds and the intricate melody. But it also invokes a wonderful cerebral experience should the listener decide to undertake it. I do not criticize those who do not choose to look for more than simple pleasures but those who do should not be criticized either.

    Also in defense of lyricists, I think this is a wonderful amazing talent that should be appreciated instead of denigrated. And to say it is easier than coming up with melodies all depends on the person. Who doesn't have a grandpa or uncle or aunt who walks around whistling melodies all the time, interesting ones even, but ask those people to put words to them. I think you'll find most of them would have great difficulty. At the same time many great poets could never put their words to song.

    All I'm trying to say is appreciating everyone's talents and the ways that different people experience music is a good thing. Art is not the place for narrow-mindedness.
  • Ruth from Chicago, IlTo me this song is talking about a love that is actually an addiction. I've made what I think are obvious corrections to the lyrics that I find on the Internet, which are only the lyrics that somebody else thinks are being sung.
    The tower is the singer, alone and lonely on the sea of life.
    The loved one came along and the relationship is a dependency; love remained a high, not the cure (pill).
    But when it snows, e.g. becomes cool; in the light of cold reflection, the singer's "eyes" of understanding become large, and he realizes that he doesn't really see the light of love. (CAN'T be seen)
    This is a breakup song.
    The singer is trying to explain the emotion and how powerful it is; like a strong addiction. He knows it's not healthy.
    He compares the loved one to a kiss from a rose on the grave. A rose has been laid on the grave, "kissed" it. The grave is the place where his love or capacity to love, lies buried. But the more of this relationship he gets, the stranger it feels. A light hits the gloom, but the grave is still gloomy, still a grave, (not "the grey" which makes no sense) because it's not real love.
  • Erik from Corpus Christi, TxThere used to be a greying tower alone on the sea
    ~"greying tower" He is a strong man of great stature becoming
    depressed because he is alone or separated from society i.e. reality
    and there is no one around(alone on the sea) also maybe talking of
    an island(and that person being a island) (im an island, he's a

    you became the light on the dark side of me.
    ~in the midst of him(his being) a side that none see, yet, it is who
    he is. she is "illuminating" that part of him light in a dark place
    makes it not dark and easy to see what's around.

    Love remaind a drug thats the high and not the pill.
    ~Love is very addicting and intoxicating, yet it comes from within.
    not from the use of narcotics(for lack of a better word)

    But did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that
    you shine can be seen.
    ~this one is tricky~ don't know about snow~when it snows the snow does
    act as a reflector and things become more "illuminating." plus
    you wont squint (upon noticing the light) and he sees clearly
    things are in prespective.

    Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey.
    ~at this point he is now talking to her, telling her that she is, her
    presense is like the hope given to man. A "kiss from a rose" meaning
    its a blessing. *note...if you understand the symbolisim of Roses and
    the different meanings it carries...? its a no-brainer...but very
    hard to explain in words.

    The more I get of you the stranger it feels, yeah
    ~no brainer~ being that she is on his darkside, her being their
    feels good. and he likes it. that's why its a comma after feels
    ...then yeah...

    and now that your rose is in bloom
    ~now that the essence(rose) of (her) is showing its true beauty

    a light hits the gloom on the grey
    ~being that (she) is "in bloom" there is hope(light)
    shining on him "illuminating" in the slow dimming life of his.

    there is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say.
    ~self explanitory~

    You remain, my power, my pleasure, my pain, baby.
    ~and this is what he had to say to her, what she is to him. and then
    the word "baby." Once again the focus changes, "baby" the way he means
    it is like saying damn! Its an exclamitory way of getting the point
    across. vocally, he is saying it with emotion. powerful emotion!

    To me your like a grown addiction that I can't deny
    ~to him her presense and power over his dark side is a full blown
    (addiction)(a problem but not a problem)(unlike drugs) and he can't
    help himself

    Won't you tell me is that healthy baby
    He has never felt that love, he was losing hope which symbolically
    is a slow process. Until she came. And he cannot tell if its good or
    a bad thing.(he probably has the capacity to love, but most he loved
    was unrequitted.)

    This part repeating I've been kissed by a rose on the grey.
    ~ he has been blessed! Love came and though his life was fading from
    white to black, it "illuminated" that part, reviving his life, and
    bringing him back to the idea of love, giving him hope.

    and if I should fall, at all
    ~if he cheats her or as we men like to call it "slip-up"
    please forgive him...

    the rest repeats...
    !!!!!!and this is the meaning of his lyrics. its a proclaimation of the power of love!!!!!!
  • Andy from Lake City, FlRalph (below) is a simpleton. Luminary was closer. Novelists and filmmakers have been inserting subtext about drugs or sex for the last 100 years. Seal's first hit "crazy" was full of them. If you want to believe it's all innocent love, that's fine. But don't ridicule others for delving deeper.
  • Ralph from Port St. Lucie, FlI really think that Mary from redlands has it spot on.
    Why do people want to read so much into simple lyrics? It probably means just what it says. I'm still trying to determine thru research who wrot the lyrics and who did the melody. The credits say the song was writ by both Seal and Trevor Horn, but didn't specify who created the melody, which is innovative and moving. IMO, anybody can write lyrics, the hard part is the melody.
    As for lyrics, I saw a docu on the Beatles once, and some scruffy guy scaled the wall around John Lennon's English estate and banged on the door wanting to talk to John. The associate that answered the door tried to shoo him off, but John intervened and asked the guy what he wanted. The man mentioned a song that John wrote, and said he knew exactly what John was trying to say and it was like he and John were on the same mental wavelength. John replied with something we can all learn from...he said "Dude, didnt mean that, in fact it didn't mean much of anything, I was just trying to come up with lyrics that fit the melody. You're reading more into it than was ever intended."
    Whatever you want to glean from lyrics is fine, but please don't think that you've decrypted a secret message full of allegory and metaphorical mysticisms. Sometimes a song means just what it says. People think Melville's "Moby Dick" was commentary on the futility of vengeance, or man's struggle against nature, but it was just a yarn about a one-legged sea captain chasing a whale.
    Now I'm going to do more research and find out if Seal wrote the melody or lyrics.
  • Luminary from Brisbane, AustraliaThe greying tower on the sea is a bong filled with smoke and water.

    The light is the fire that ignites the bong.

    Rose on the grey.... is plant material becoming grey... ie smoke. Marijuana being pyrolised.

    When it snows refers to the practise
    of smoking "snow cones" that combine marijuana with cocaine or heroin.

    The reason why it's marijuana and not coke or heroin is that it says the more I get of you the stranger it feels...

    Once the smoke blooms... the "light" or illumination hits the gloom or nothingness on the "grey" in this case meaning the cerebral cortex or grey matter.

    It is so patently about drugs there can't be any doubt. It even mentions growing addiction etc and makes reference to highs and pills (that don't work for him ie medicine).

  • Karen from Manchester, NhYears ago I read in an interview that Seal didn't like the lyrics posted on his albums because he wanted people to make their own decisions as to what the songs, saying that...if you think it's about drugs, it's about drugs...if you think it's about love, it's about love...if you think it's about strawberry/pineapple sundaes...well, you get the idea. :)
  • Richi from San Francisco, CaKiss from a Rose is a beautiful song. The melody and harmony is quirky and has some pleasantly surpring turns and unexpected and expressive features. I especially love the (is it an oboe or an English horn? double reed clariet-like instrument solo!) I am an older middle aged white guy with a bachelor's degree in music. My instrument was voice. I played violin in an orchestra for five years. The poetic and verbal imagery is very interesting and possibly multi-layered, and possibly artistically crafted to make it attractive. The emotionality and immediacy is beautiful and fascinating. Whether eye dialation is supposed to be the result of deep emotional responses and naturally occurring brain chemicals (endorfins, oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, etc. etc.) or artificial, exteriorly introduced chemical stimulants (e.g. possibly cocaine "snow") or both, maybe is not so important in the last analysis. I was amused by the comment that Danny Boy could be construed as a drug song because of mention of "pipes". Of course it is not. Bagpipes are a well known musical instrument in the Scottish regions, and indeed in many other areas. They are not drug paraphenalia. So that was funny. I have another possible reference of dubious but possible validity. I notice that there is much use of the word "grey" or "gray", and possible imagery of a rose on a "grave". I read a biography of Billie Holiday, and learned that an old slang term (at least among people of color in Billie's circles in the 20th Century) for "Caucasian" or white folks (of which I would be classed as one) was "grey", and so that term may be construable as a racial reference. However I am not sure of that. I was raised in the west coast of the USA, and i understand Seal was raised in the UK of at least partly African descent. I have been to London, but not to the extent, and in contexts that would have allowed me to learn whether that was a common or even known slang term there. Also, I heard an interesting supposed genetic variation study that the genetic mutation variety in Africa as compared with the rest of the world suggests that every human who is living on the planet today is descended from people who emigrated out of Africa originally, even if thousands and thousands of years ago. So it could be said we are all originally Africans. Interesting. Anyway I enjoy that song, and enjoyed reading all the various interesting comments and explanations. Cheers!
  • Michael from Vero Beach, Flfunny i actually compared this song to a drug addiction that was overpowered by love... he's singing not the pill.. kiss from a rose... my power my pleasure my pain... a growing addiction that i cant deny... certain drugs release a chemical in the brain... dopamine... the same chemical released when happy or in love... these drugs give a feeling of euphoria (power, pleasure) followed by a big crash (pain)... most people are in denial of such addictions but i dont know of anyone who will or has denied the addiction of love... just saying... very clever and interesting writing... my favorite song i love it
  • James from Boston, MaWell I have some a couple of different thought s on this song since it's one of my all time favorites. When I first thought he that he was saying "Kiss by the rose on the grave", I perceived the song to be about a man fighting back the advances of a young lover or admirer after the death of a former lover. But after discovering that he's actually saying "gray". I see the song like sorta Mary from Calif does. The main thing that leads me to these thoughts is how he actually starts the song by mentioning a "greying" tower on the sea. I think the greying tower is him, left in sort of a hopeless emotional state after a relationship gone wrong. The "light" seems to be her, because she clarifies some of the questions he has about the meaning of life and love. When he mentions love as a drug, it made me believe that he had a previous love for something (a pet, freaks!) or someone, that's now gone, retains memories of the feeling, and is desperately seeking that great feeling of love again, but unlike an actual drug pill, it's not easy to come by (not to say that they are, but true love can't be bought from a guy in an alley..... at least not where I'm from). The chorus seems to obviously state that he sees her as something beautiful reaching out to him in a time of great despair, a state that he's been in for so long that he doesn't quite remember how to, or is unable to comprehend because he feels unworthy or he's simply caught off guard. The blooming rose reference is probably him realizing her true beauty, benefits, or optimism (I think the song is about love ofr the simple fact that he refers to her as "baby", but I could see how someone could see him referring to a great friend) which in turn starts to ward away his uncertainty. The whole "When it snows" segment is what puzzles me a bit, because it can be seen so universally (which is prob why he used it; the more different type of people can relate to an artist, the wider his audience, also leading to more sales). It seems to either be that he sometimes gets so afraid that he'd get hurt again, he sort of chucks the benefits of being with her out the window, or he somehow relapses on the the old feelings he had with his former love. I also see the "so much a can say" segment as most guys being emotionally handicapped. "Power" being his pick me up or "the wind beneath his wings" (don't make me explain that song). "Pleasure" being the obvious one(he did find the need to make a song about her). Finally "Pain" because she brings the torment of a dramatic lifestyle change, and maybe the thought of being pulled away from this new-found love stings. The addiction is the curiosity to follow this new path of love, even though it may have dire consequences, namely him getting hurt hurt even worst than the first time around because he would start to think that happiness just wasn't meant for him. Maybe I'm just some ignorant 21 yr old who has a lot more growing up to do, but to me, the lyrics seem pretty blatant. Sorry for the essay, but I'm not always good at keeping things concise.
  • Landon from Winchester, OhIt sounds like a tribute to someone who died.
  • Jason from Pasadena, CaIt's wonderful to hear that Seal is married to Heidi Klum, the model and host of the program, Project Runway. I can almost relate Heidi to the song Seal interpreted, which she's truly the "Kiss from a Rose."
  • Andy from Lake City, Flnotice how desperately some people avoid the drug references? their anger puzzles me. hello seal's first hit's lyrics "crazy" ANYONE can write a love song using drug metaphors. far more clever to write a drug song with some love metaphors. if you've never been a daily addict, then why even try to argue? kids in the 60's would have seen it right away.
  • D from Chicago, IlAlright so I've put my rage aside for now and hopefully it'll be gone till tomorrow. We'll address this as a two part issue.
    1) God. Religion is a very personal thing and having too many degrees to have any of my own I can't say that any religious interpretation of this song is completely ridiculous. I'm certain it's not intended but if that's how you choose to interpret it (citing GARY here who correctly acknowledges that he's substituting) then so be it.

    2) The one that caused the rage. Now if you're ever bored here on songfacts look up some of your favorite serious, deep, love songs and you'll of course find a bunch of fools insisting vehemently it's about drugs. And before now I've blasted them and called them all sorts of names because they're wrong and I couldn't understand the misinterpretation. But after a semi-recent relapse during a trial separation I get it. They've never been in love. Everyone knows that drugs are serious and control you and the harder ones can really get a grip on your soul. But nobody ever talks about that aspect of love. When you really love somebody, that compulsion is (and I'm speaking empirically) far stronger then even heroin addiction. The highs are so ridiculously higher and the withdrawals can kill you. So when you tell me that this song, Dazed and Confused, and all these other beautiful love songs are about dope. I'll now just laugh knowing you've got the emotional scope of a four-year-old.

    Sorry, rage came back a little bit. But I'm right, try and contest it.
  • Karyn from Beaverton, OrMy name is Karyn aka Reverend On The Run, retired LAPD, I'm going to share with you a very beautiful and true story regarding Kiss From A Rose On A Grave.

    I was blind for 9 months 5 years ago. My ex-husband, a bat, and a blow to my head. He was addicted to pain meds. for 25 years, his family was in denial. Now prior to this I had chronic pancreatitis, pain meds were causing the start Cataracts, I'm only 51 years young. DO NOT take any pain medication if you value your sight.

    The blow to my head caused extensive nerve damage, the Cataracts, 3 months after the incident I was as blind as Ray Charles. Modern Technology in Arizona, a few great Opthmologists, God an Angel of white light in my left eye during the procedure. You have no idea what He shows me, I do need reading glasses for print.

    From the age of 5 years old, I've been abused by men, fathers, brothers, I call you guys 'critters', wolves in Sheeps clothing.

    Now, throughout my entire life I've received messages through the Univerasal language of song/music, I sing voice like /Nancy Wilson/Heart. I do whatever He tells me, and I listen in quiet prayer for His answers.

    I loved 93 year old Annette very much. She had macular degeneration and though she could hardly see me, she waited for my visits. She felt the love and compassion I had for her when I touched her face, tank you, tank you.

    Annette was taken to the hospital for a kidney infection her daughter should have noticed, she's an RN. It's all about the $$$, when Kenny and I arrived, the doctors told us she couldn't talk. I walked in, she raised her head and said, 'praise the Lord'. I coddled her face and prayed with her, and told her how much I loved her, tank you, tank you. She looked in my eyes and I know for a fact she saw the Angel of white light that got her started up the stairway to heaven. She died a few hours later.

    December 31st, Funeral Mass, I'm wearing my long black John Lennon coat I made many years ago. I'm Lutheran, Priests don't like women in the church. I had never taken Holy Communion at a Catholic church ever. When I supted the blood of Jesus, the lies of 1000 eyes were staring at me. My life has not been the same since drinking the blood shed for my sins.

    At the grave site, no one, and I mean no one sobbed as I did. i told God I was sorry for being selfish and not wanting her to go. I kissed my hand, touched the top of the coffin and said good bye to my friend. I gave a Rose to her son Kenny, we talked and cried. I got in my car, turned on the radio and Kiss From A Rose On A Grave came on. That's God confirmation Annette made it up there, and she was dancing once again with her late husband.

    SEAL=prophet of love, CRAZY was prophesiesed of me when I had to take down a devil worshipping church 1/7 2009, the anniversary of moms death. I had moms 70 year old SEAL fur coat on, all the lazy people did not like my ways. They had an 86 year old man there who tried to violate me whan he gave me a hug, not good. We're never gonna survive unles, we get a little, CRAZY, a friend called me that because of my Spirit guides.

    By the way, if you know anyone who has Parkinsons, the cure is Rock and Roll music, a Spirit guide told me a long time ago. Music=Energy=We need to lift up peoples Spirits.
  • Gary from Boise, IdI would have to agree with all of the comments above me here, also I do incline to go with "Jay" from Woodland Ca,. I would like to take the meaning of a man and a woman and substitute it with Human and God. Not to show any difference really, but it seems that the words in the song convey a resurgence of the spirit to know that it knows itself. I believe, even the written "words we see are not necessarily the words that are spoken or sung. Is it Grey or Grave.. re: the eyes, is it "my eyes become large" or my eyes become alive? So it is somewhat what you "gleen" from it. I really like Seal's songs. Re: the grey tower. How alone must I be to compare myself with a "greying tower alone in a sea? What amazing to me is that the next line "you became the dark side of me? doesn't say light was shone onto the dark side., but that the light became the dark side, Hence no dark. get it? Cool huh. quite a transformation. Anyway, this is my 1st comment on a song. Really can't totally disagree with any of the previous comments. Best to all
  • Paul from Staffordshire, United KingdomHi to everyone
    My name is Paul,and i'm a newbie. So bearing this in mind, please don't shout at me, when you read my comments.
    Most of my spare time is occupied by music, either composing or listening.
    Kiss from a rose is one of my favourite songs, and in my opinion,I have to agree with the drugs theme. Their are too many common references to coke to ignore. For instance, SNOW(common term for cocaine). Eyes becoming wide(pupil dialation,notable with coke/amphetamine users).
    The list goes on, but i'll stop there, got to find earplugs in anticipation.
  • Jarn from Helsinki, FinlandI personally agree with Nick. Whenever "snow" comes up you can bet it's either very cold, death, or coke. Any artist worth their salt will imbue a good song with several connotations, yet ultimately a strong theme must emerge: I don't think you need to be a conspiracy theorist (sometimes they're REALLY after you!) to hear an addict trying to cling to a beloved, but fall for the stuff again and again:

    "But love remains a drug that's the high, not the pill"

    and when it "snows" (get high) the light of hope
    his lover shines on him "can't be seen".

    We must also consider that one of the main reasons we invented art was to obliquely talk about things which are painful to discuss openly. Would have 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' been published if John Lennon had sung 'Whoo-hoo, I'm tripping on LSD'? Probably not, but the Beatles, dead or alive, would swear it was not about drugs, because that would be spoiling the fun, wouldn't it? SEAL establishes three clear sides:

    - The "dark side of his".
    - The "light" his lover became.
    - The state in which they meet,
    the "grey" area in which his
    lover "kisses" him with love
    and brings him some hope out
    of his addiction.

    The wordplay between "grey" and "grave" is more than evident, as people interchangeably write either when transcribing the song. Anyway, a grave is grey and the narrator knows that's exactly where hs addiction is literally taking him to. The song is epic in its harmonious simplicity, but does not offer a particularly encouraging message, because love is not triumphing very much. He urges his lover to tell him addiction to love won't be unhealthy: "you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny". Other addictions he CAN deny alright. :) Peace.
  • Mary from St.louis, MoThe fact is,, it is about drugs. I am not sure if it was him or the woman who was doing heroin at the time.. but that part is actually true. He went through a lot of ups and downs during this time. When he was off the drugs, his partner was on and visa versa.. It is about love that you can trust.. something that he had a very hard time with.. how do I know.. I know him.. thanks for the comments though.. I know he appreciates all of his fans..

    OH.. and,, his first CD is phenomonal! Every song is etched in my heart.. so this isn't the only song.. but the one closest to his heart..
  • Lennon from Harare, Zimbabwethe problem with this song is that it is so good and i mean very good that he has out done himself. now all his other songs are a drag to listen to. if you pop seal's cd in your radio you cannot wait to get to kiss from a rose and after you just want to turn off the radio.
  • Jay from Woodland Hills, CaThis is my opinion."There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea. You became the light on the dark side of me." Until I found you, I was all miserable."Love remained a drug thats the high and not the pill." Love produces does produce a natural high. In some cases, you end up feeling the high you feel if you use drugs."Did you know that when it snows, my eyes become large and the light that you shine can't be seen." He is comparing her absence to a gloomy, snowy day,(people usully don't go out on snowy days). She is not there, he begins to feel gloomy again. "I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey" A kiss from a rose, roses are usually bright in color. What do you think about when you hear bright? Light, no? She is full of light, he was dull, grey. She filled him up with light, happiness, hope. "The more I get of you, stranger it feels." Being with her makes him feel so alive. A feeling he has never felt before due to his misery. "There is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say" There are may things guys will tell a woman to get what they want from her. Guys usually do say alot when they try to get a woman into bed. "You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain" Its all he has to say to her, nothing more. When one is in love, they feel invincible, as if nothing can stop them as long as they are together. He gets pleasure from being with her. He feels good, the natural high love produces. When she is not there, he is in pain. "To me you are like a growing addiction that I can't deny." When one is addicted to anything, it is hard to resist. His love for her is becoming a bit of an addiction because he cant leave her side. "Won't you tell me is that healthy" Is me feeling this way for you healthy for me? Mentally and emotionally healthy? When he sings "Ive been kissed by a rose on the grey. Ive been kissed by a rose on the grey. And if I should fall along the way, Ive been kissed by a rose on the grey." When I hear this, in particular, I think of him as finally feeling alive, happy. He no longer cares about anything cuz he has finally been set free of his misery thanks to her. He is no longer the greying tower alone on the sea.
  • Paula from New Port Richey, FlI agree with this song being about cocaine! It really seems to be about the addiction to cocaine. Cocaine has historically been referred to as "The other woman". The lyrics are so right on. I'm really sure that the song is talking about cocaine. I got that out of it the first time I heard the song and came across this site when I was looking to see if I was correct.

    Now back to my search for the facts.

    Just my two cents....
  • Bertrand from Paris, FranceThis was another single saved from obscurity by its inclusion on a movie soundtrack. "A Kiss From a Rose" was featured as the love them in the [i] Batman Forever [i] film. Seal's perfectly balanced, acrobatic, romantic vocals make this otherwise simply pleasant song a work of art.

  • Sarah from Madison, WiGet off the drugs and listen to this song again. This song is about love and it is Seal's greatest. Way to go Mary about the meaning.
  • Duncan from Redwood City, CaAbsolutely "Hero" was a massive ripoff of Seal's track. I remember hearing Nickelback play their version a few years back and immediately thinking that I'd heard it before. The composition is extremely similar, but released about 5 years later. Nice going Nickelcrack.

    And to the person who said it can't be a ripoff because Nickelcrack plays "rock" and Seal plays rnb. That's nonsense. The ballad in rock is similar to rnb in many respects, and thats the type of song "Hero" was.
  • Benjamin from Monroe, Waif you think this is about drugs you're pretty much a dumbass. mary has the exact meaning IMO
  • Angelo from Royal Oak, MiAll you who say this song is about drugs, does the word METAPHOR mean anything to you? "Love remains the drug that's the high and not the pill" is clearly refering to the feeling that you get when you're in love. You the high feeling of overwhelming joy without taking a pill or any other chemical for that matter.
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndok i think this song is a about a lost love..then he finds her again...only to find that she is different but he loves her still.
  • Jon from London, EnglandThe chances are is that the song is about drugs
    seeing as the first album was a tribute to the stuff.
    Also knowing what Seal was up to in the 90s (wouldnt like to say what on a public forum) I,d say that the odds are that im right.
    Although i do reserve the right to be wrong.
  • Logan from Troy, MtThis was the "Hero" of the 90's. By "Hero", I mean the Spiderman, Chad Kroeger version of it.
  • Trevor from Northampton, EnglandI think Mary has a good angle on this track and she pretty much covers it all. The analogies are perfect, in my opinion
  • Mike from Santa Barbara, CaSeal was a 15 y/o runaway hiding out from his abusive father when parts of this song first came to him. More of it came at a later time when he was homeless.
  • Peg from Richmon, VaSongs (as well as poetry) are meant to evoke emotion. There is a duality in that they certainly mean something to the songwriter... but he/she wanted it to mean something to the listener as well.
    We may never know what it meant to Seal. Does it really matter?
  • Joe from Chicago, Arhow did chad croeger rip this song off......and i don't really like seal but i do like batman forever and this song is pretty catchy and in some sense it can be about drugs and in another sense it can be about love that's all i think about it but seriously how did he rip this off............not saying that i like nickelback too much either.......but nickelback is rock,seal is R&B.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesI disagree with Bill - although this is undoubtedly the best song Seal ever did, he did release a couple of other good songs - "Keller" (with Adamski, 1990), "Crazy" (1990) and "A Prayer For The Dying" (1994) weren't bad tracks at all
  • Mary from Redlands, Ca"there used to be a greying tower alone by the sea"---means he used to be lonely and unhappy, had given up hope
    "you became the light on the dark side of me"---means she has brought happiness to his sadness and misery
    "love remains a drug thats the high not the pill"--means that the love she has given him brings a high> When people are in love it releases chemicals in the brain that are similar to a high someone would get from drugs, but it has nothing to do with drugs, remember the song by Huey Lewis called "i want a new drug" referring to love not drugs.
    "but did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that you shine cant be seen"---means--it is figuratively snowing, sad weather because she is not there, it is a time of darkness for him, when there is less light the pupils become large, less light meaning less happiness, and that happiness she brings him is gone because shes not there, when shes gone no light (happiness) is in his life
    "baby i compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey" means--- he is comparing the kiss (a kiss is an expression of love and she is the love in his life, the rose refers to her (a rose is beautiful, she is the rose--on the grey is referring to the the love she has brought to his sadness and misery (the grey is a color that denotes gloom)
    "ooh the more i get of you stranger it feels" he has been lonely for so long that the emotion of love feels unfamiliar to him
    "now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the grey"----means now that she has opened her heart to him, he is happy now, thus she has brought happiness to his gloom. when a flower is in bloom it opens and its beauty is revealed.
    "there is so much a man can tell you so much he can say"----refers to the fact that even when men are in love it is hard to reveal their feelings to their woman.
    "you remain my power,my pleasure my pain" meaning she evokes every emotion in him,she means everything to him-- all emotions she brings to him are strength (power), pleasure (happiness) pain (sadness)
    "baby to me your like a growing addiction that i cant deny, wont you tell me is that healthy baby"
    He is falling more and more in love with her every day. He's becoming addicted to her, kind of to the point that its not a healthy relationship when one focuses too much on the other it may become almost like an obsession. he's hooked on her and its hard to give her up. Just like a drug addict needs more and more drugs to achieve their satisfaction.
  • Bill from London, Englandgood points about seal = this song. bad points about seal = pretty much everything else hes done.
  • Melissa from Windsor, CanadaI don't know if I agree with Helen, but I know exaclty what secret she is referring to . . . I think a lot of people know the secret now . . . whether it's true or not, they know of it anyway.
  • Vanessa from Grand Blanc, MiI agree...this is such a romantic song to dance to with your lover. It a kinda waltzy song and it makes for some great moves. It brings back memories of me and my ex.
  • Radhika from New Delhi, Indiai personally love this song as it has so much of meaning and emotions attached to it.
    infact anybody will fall in love with this song it rocks out loud
    i mean like such meloday is hard to find anywhere
  • Alpheous from Gaia, PortugalMan, this song has the most simple lyrics ever.

    Hasn't anyone seen Beauty and the Beast?!!!???

    He thinks he is the beast, doomen in his castle (or tower, ALONE ON THE SEA...duh).

    This beautiful lady has come, and became the light on the dark side of him.

    And all that talk abou the snow....WHAT IF HE MET THIS GIRL IN A SNOWY WINTER? Or even as a methafor, the snowy winters are the most cold. So when he is sad (cold) we rebembers this Beauty, and he is no longer without hope. Because "the light that you shine can be seen"

    The kiss of a rose. Beauty and the beast once more. Remember the rose that the Beast had?If it died the Beast would be an animal forever. So the rose, was bad to him.
    And when the Beauty came, she saved him WITH A KISS! The only thing that could save him.
    So, he compares her (the Beauty) to a kiss from a rose on the gray (the gray is the tower, where he lived, the one that he refers in the BEGUINING OF THE SONG).

    GET SMART. DON'T DO DRUGS -> They'll make you say every song is about drugs!!
  • Cait from Some Town In, NjI think this song is about love. Think about it. "there used to be a graying tower alone on the sea. You became the light on the dark side of me." Kinda saying he used to be depressed until she came. "Love remained a drug that's the high not the pill." A DEAD give away that this song is not about drugs. When he says, "when it snows" I think that has deals with an emotion of some sort or when she's not near him. "My eyes become large..." You know, when there is a little bit of light your pupils, naturally, get larger to take in light. And they get smaller when there is alot of light. (grab a friend an a flash light and try this out if you don't beleive me.) Anyway, his eyes become large because her light isn't there. I'm not sure, but I think that "kissed by a rose on the grey" is comparing colors. Rose = red, bright vibrant, the girl. Grey = dull, depressing, him. Her bringing him out of his depression. "there's so much man can tell you..." I think this means when men say stuff to women to get them into bed and stuff, but what he says what he's saying is true. "My power, my pleasure, my pain" Power = her love give him power. Pleasure = sex. Pain = when she's away. "...a growing addiction" Typical love song talk. It has the whole 'I can't live w/o you' thing going. "Now that your rose is in bloom." I think this means, now that they're ready to have a relationship.

    Well, that's my analitical statement for this song.
  • Jessica from Sumter, Scin response to helen, he says he's been kissed by a rose on the "grey" not "grave".
  • Rob from Wokingham, Englandwhy dont we just ask Seal?
    i believe it has a similar chord progression to Hero by Chad.
  • Helen from VanersborgHe tells us a story in a form of a song. And this story is about him and how he has been told about an old secret.
    "There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea.You became the light on the dark side of me."
    Hes telling us that he just to be alone. He is the tower. Then he found out about the secret, and the secret is the light that he has to keep in the dark. He can't tell anyone. So thats why he is singin that the light is on the dark side of him.
    This secret is about a girl who lived a long time ago and she goes by the name Rose.
    And she is sacred, her and "her" secred. But men don't usally like her. And they talk a lot of dirt in her name.
    "There is so much a man can tell you,
    So much he can say"
    Thats what he meens here. Men can say what they want he won't care.
    "I've been kissed by a rose on the grave"
    Thats were the song gets really intresting.
    I think he meens that he knows the whole secret (witch is very strange sence there is only like a few in the whole world that knows it all)
    He meens that Rose (the girl, the secret) has kissed him (given him all the facts) on a grave (Rose is hidden in a grave some plasce. So does he meen that he knows where the grave is ? Beats me.
  • Albert from New York, United States"There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea.....when it snows My eyes become large and
    The light that you shine can be seen"
    Thus his grey castle alone in the sea has become a lighthouse for others to see in time of storm when it "snows". The worst storms on the sea usually occur when it snows.
    Alberto New York-CSCR
  • Jim from J Town, Njevery song in history can be applied to drugs. Let's take the song 'danny boy'. Someone could say it is about a crack addiction by reading the line "the pipes, the pipes are calling." Not every song is about drugs so get over it...just because you have a problem with blow doesn't mean seal does too.
  • Elena from Seattle, WaOk, What I think this song is about is Seal is hiding from hurt. And he finally finds a girl who's perfect for him. Yet, he's still a bit reluctant to be with her. Well this is what my friend suggests. And I agree with him. "And now that your rose is in bloom, A light hits the gloom on the gray." He's the gray and The girl is the rose/light. In the beginning it says, "There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea." It was referring to how lonely he was. "You became the light on the dark side of me." Meaning she made him happy. :)
  • Les from Phoenix, Azfunny debate about similarity with HERO...I just recently watched Spiderman and was struck by how much it reminded me of this other song that I couldn't quite finger from the mid-90s. To make a long story short, after many attempts, I finally rediscovered "Kiss from a Rose". They are not the same, but there is something in the drive or emotion that strikes the same chord.
  • Rose Marie from Valencia, SpainThe song is (or used to be) Brooke Shields' favourite song, and Agassi (this was when the two were a couple) hired Seal to play this song for her over dinner, on her birthday.
    (I put this in as a songfact a few weeks ago but it still hasn't appeared there so I've posted it as a coomment!)
  • Tim from Kilkenny, IrelandGreat song . . . shame about (a) the rest of his stuff; and (b)Ethan's come reference . . .
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiatrue,Nick bit it seems nearly every bloody song on this site , everyone says its about drugs .....can't you guys come up with another meaning about the songs ...
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlFine go ahead and believe its not about cocaine if you want, but the song talks about his pupils dilating and being kissed on the brain and "snow" (which I don't care what anyone says that is a cocaine refrence, not a "deflowering" or whatever else) and addiction and asking someone to tell him that this is not bad for and drugs are both i guess it could be about either one..
  • Linda from Evergreen, CoI never heard that this was about cocaine, but when I read Nick's comment, I reread the words and have to admit that it certainly could be taken that way. I would be interested to know if anyone else has ever heard this and where the information comes from.

    I do not think that Hero sounds anything like this song. Just my opinion. This one is really unique, and very beautiful. If Chad Croeger actually was trying to rip off this song, he did a really poor job of it.
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlThis song is about cocaine.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandChad Croeger ripped this off for HERO from the Spiderman soundtrack
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