The Way I Lie
by Seal

Album: Commitment (2010)


  • This is a track from Commitment, the seventh studio album by Seal. The British singer-songwriter wrote the song with songwriter, arranger and producer Peter-John Vettese, Gus Isidore and Marcus Brown.
  • Seal explained the album title to Reuters: "Commitment is the recurring theme that kept popping up. Certainly the last seven years of my life since I met my wife (Heidi Klum) have been extremely committed. But not just in our personal life. My work has a level of commitment to it. The team around me consists of people who are committed."
  • The Reuters interviewer asked, given the commitment theme of the album, why Seal included this song about dishonesty. He replied: "I drew upon past life experiences that are not necessarily a part of my life now. But it certainly prepared me for my life right now. So therefore, it's an integral part of my life now."


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