The Way I Do

Album: Hubcap Music (2013)
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  • This bluesy track features guitar work from Jack White, whom Steve first met at the UK Reading Festival in 2008. Steve told Mojo magazine that he is in awe of White's contribution. "I could spend the rest of my life trying and I'd never come up with anything like that," he said. "It's real crazy but it makes sense. It's like it came from Mars or something."
  • The album title came from a hub cap given to Steve by Jack White that he turned it into a guitar with the help of a garden hoe. The veteran bluesman told The Sun, "I was out in America and didn't plan to do any shows, so I only had my three-string guitar with me and a normal guitar. I'd gone to Jack White's place in Nashville to do a single with him. As a present, he gave me a hubcap from an old 30s car called the Hudson Terraplane.

    "Then I was out in California and I got asked to do some show," he continued. "The only trouble was I didn't have my Morris Minor hubcap guitar with me. So I found another hubcap, got a garden hoe and banged it all together with the one Jack gave me. Then I went on the beach and found a piece of driftwood and made that into a Bo Diddley guitar. I had no instruments, so I made them. As all these hubcaps were flying around, I called the album Hubcap Music."


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