69 Tea

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  • In our interview with Shaun Morgan, the Seether frontman explained: "Religion is not something that I talk about or that I care for people to know where I stand. In '69 Tea' there's a line that says, 'Save me smiling Jesus, get off that cross,' and that was overwhelmingly sarcastic. I wrote that when I was 16. It was something that was just there in front of me and that's the way I wanted to say it."
  • This song challenges Jesus to "get off that cross" and actually "save me." It evokes a feeling of disbelief in religion and says that you should help yourself, because "who else will?" The lines, "Don't tell me that, I don't care if you are" make the point that God doesn't care what you're going through, he has his own issues to deal with. Seether frontman Sean Morgan's birth surname is Welgemoed, but rumor has it that he changed it to Morgan after his mother disowned him due to his views on Christianity. >>
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    Michael - Johannesburg, South Africa
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  • Josh from Seymour, InSome songs like this one Seether does really has a nirvana sound to it..I absolutly fell in love with this band when i heard "love her" many many years ago..
  • Kamil from Brooklyn, Nythis song is about the school. "Save me smiling Jesus" is about Sunday. The only day he's saved from that bulls--t. SM admited to be a religious man.
  • Tommy from Cape Town, South AfricaShawn never changed his name because his mother disowned him, he changed it because Americans struggled to pronounce it.SO he used his second name as his surname
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