Album: A Year Without Rain (2010)


  • This track features and was co-written by Katy Perry. Selena told MTV News: "Katy Perry gave me a song, and she did background vocals on it. The whole experience was really fun."
  • Selena explained to MTV News how she hooked up with Katy Perry: "We actually have the same music agent, so whenever she'd have concerts and stuff, I'm a huge fan, so I definitely would go to most of her shows. And I've seen her at a couple of events, so I've talked to her. But when it came to music, I didn't want to get in personally. I was like, 'I'll ask through the proper channels and see if she'll give it to me,' and she was thrilled, so I was happy."
  • Surprisingly Selena had to battle to make the Teenage Dream star's cameo happen. She told MTV News: "I actually had to fight for that song. I wanted it so bad. It's kind of funky, and I think I used her style and we kind of mixed it up with the producers that I worked with with my style, so we made it a little bit more techno."

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  • Ben from Collns, WiI don't get it. Isn't Selena a Christian, I don't want to jump to conclusions but this isn't the best song in the world. I thought she might have been forced to sing it, but then when i saw she had to fight katy perry for it, i wasn't sure what to think. I sure hope there is a reason why she wanted to sing this song.
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