Buried A Lie

Album: Let It Enfold You (2004)


  • During a radio interview in 2006, lead singer Buddy Nielsen explained that he "just wanted to tell a story." The song is just that: A murder mystery. Buddy stated during the interview that he loves crime shows such as Law and Order and CSI, and that he wanted to write a song like that. Thus, "Buried a Lie" was born. >>
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  • Kelsey from Clarendon, TxThey are poetic geniuses. Their metaphors are insane. Whoever writes their songs is incredibly talented. I love Senses Fail!
  • Blane from Pocola, Oki f'n love this song!
  • Tj from Boston, MaI was at a show and buddy's segue was basically this: "this next song is about my ex-girlfriend, she cheated on me, its called buried a lie"

    then another one of my friends saw them like this year and said his segue went something like this: "this goes to all you underage girls who are going to get f*cked tonight"

    i think this song is about a girl he dated in high school
  • Maddie from Los Altos, CaWell I think at this kids svhool there was a goth girl and the bullet was all the crap at high school. and he was secretly in love with her and so he knows it was a possibility she could have been killed caus she was teased at school so he dose a little operating and WALLA he caches the murdere and sends him away!!!!!!!!
  • Joel from West Haven, UtI like the line "incisions must be made". To me it says he wants to ask her why it happened, find out the truth, and when he does it will be painful.
  • Lyzz from Kyle, Txit kinda reminds me of kurt cobain...
  • Corynn from Bryan, TxI think it's about a guy that screwed with his relationship with the girl and she broke up with him or somewhere along the lines of that..."a bullet got in your way"(referring to another guy) "foulplay, a possible poisoning" (tampering with their relationship) "it's not a suicide it's a crime" (somebody made her do it) "i'll catch the murderer and send him away" . also the title "buried a lie" is referring to maybe the person who did that to them was lying, so it was all over with a lie.

    sorry if i said too much on that one.
  • Bill from Good Thunder, MnI believe Brett is totally right. He is saying that he wants to figure out what happened between them. The song says "We've got to hurry up before the flesh decays away." He means they have to fix the problem before she is totally out of his life. And "You could help solve this case for me." means that she's the only one that can help him.
  • Spencer from Windsor, CanadaRyan thats a good point and yeah thats probably true and the more i listen to it the more that makes sense about the connecting with her emotionally.
  • Ryan from Millbrae, Caspencer, in the music video he was probably just using the whole "she died literally" thing to cover up what he really meant.
  • Spencer from Windsor, CanadaOnce a gain another one of my favorite bands and i just saw them live in concert a couple weeks ago and they were ausome. this song is in my opinion about a girlfreind Buddy had and she was murdered but everyone said that she commited suicide but he figured it out its all self explaining in the music video. Also you have the debut CD labeled as Unfold when it's Let It Enfold You.
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