Every Day Is A Struggle

Album: Still Searching (2006)


  • In this song, the singer is having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of his girlfriend. He's at that pathetic stage where he's willing to do just about anything to get back with her, even "put up with her bulls--t." Reaching desperate lows, he sprays her perfume in his room to remind him of her. This sentiment is more common in Country and Soul songs: this is an uptempo Rock number. >>
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  • The lyrics are filled with references to destructive behavior. The lines, "I was the finger in your throat, to keep you cute. My liver hates you for walking out on us." indicate bulimia and alcoholism.

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  • Jena from Fairborn, Oha girl and guy broke up and they fueled each others addictions. He encouraged her bulimia and she supplied alcohol and drugs. They broke up and hes trying to reason with her to get back together so they can continue to supply each others addiction. He believes that stealing her perfume will help him manage his addiction.
    "So Much for the past year,
    I poured it down the drain with all the alcohol and pain I got from,
    Your Eyes, Oh Your Eyes.
    Im burning out my bedside,
    And Im rotting out my insides,
    Im burning out my bedside,
    And Im rotting out my insides."

    The beginning of these lyrics refers to how he's trying to kick his addictions and the last part is him describing what his withdrawal symptoms feel like to him.

    This is what I got from the song.
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