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  • Gainsbourg's varied style and individuality made him difficult to categorize. This song was just one of his many duets with Brigitte Bardot, perhaps one of the sexiest women of the 1960s. This particular song of his is probably best described as "kitsch-pop" while the rest of his music spanned the gamut, from Mambo to Rock.
  • Serge is known for being poetic, provocative, humororous, and controversial. One of his songs, which simulates the sounds of a female orgasm, was even censured by the Catholic Church. Upon his death in 1991, his funeral brought Paris to a standstill. Since his death, Gainsbourg's music has reached an iconic legacy in France and enjoys a cult following throughout the world. >>
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  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumRight John, Nashville,he said "I wanna". Michel Drucker said to Whitney Houston "No, no, that's no what he means" but Gainsbourg repeated
    "I wanna f... you". He was very provocative but he was so talented.
  • John from Nashville, TnHe once offended Whitney Houston when she was a guest on a French talk show by leering at her and openly expressing his desire to have sex with Houston.
  • Teresa from Mechelen, BelgiumSerge Gainsbourg was a very talented singer and songwriter. He wrote a lot of goods songs for different artists (mostly women) and often sang those songs himself. It's true that sometimes he was provocative, I think it was some kind of selfprotection. He had a sensibility that many people didn't know, because he prefered to keep some things of his person for himself.
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