Missing You

Album: Horrible Kids (2011)
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  • The pop-punk band Set It Off signed with the indie label Equal Vision Records in 2011 and released a remastered version of their EP Horrible Kids, which features the track "Missing You." Lead singer Cody Carson wrote the ballad while he was on tour and missing the girl he was dating at the time. Even though they were facing problems in their relationship due to their separation, he hoped they could find a way to stay together.
  • This has become a special song for Set It Off fans who are separated from their loved ones. One fan thanked Carson for writing the tune because it helped her and her husband, who was in the military, get through his deployment. The singer told the Songfacts Podcast in 2021, "I would never think somebody in that situation would apply that song. I think that's so cool - that interpretation is beautiful."


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