Black Out the Sun

Album: Black Out the Sun (2013)
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  • This the title track of the American Alternative Metal band Sevendust's ninth album. The apocalyptic imagery of the Earth's heat source burning out came to singer Lajon Witherspoon in a dream. In our 2013 interview, he explained: "It just stuck with me from a dream where I was running and the sun was going down, and I just felt like I had to get somewhere safe. I think it was due to making a big move from Georgia to Kansas with my family. For whatever reason I was sitting and I just kept singing, 'Black out the sun, the minute you started to run,' and the melody kept coming in my head. When we went to the studio, I still had that melody and those words in my mind."

    Lajon adds that the unexpected passing of guitarist Clint Lowery's father provided inspiration for this song, and that once it came together, the rest of the album fell into place. "Everything was just aligned right after that," he said. "It just trickled down a song a day, music a day, and then we started writing." (Here's the full Lajon Witherspoon interview.)
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