Album: Hormonally Yours (1992)
Charted: 1 4


  • This song is about a woman realizing her lover is about to die and fighting with the angel of death over him. Marcella Detroit does the role of the lover, and Siobhan Fahey that of Death.
  • This "stayed" at #1 in the UK for eight weeks. It was also #1 in Ireland, where Fahey is from.
  • This was Shakespears Sister's only hit in the US, although they had two albums and a large number of other singles before and after this.
  • The track is mainly synth and drum based, except for the parts where Death is singing, which are backed with a simple guitar line. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kian - Dublin, Ireland, for all above
  • This won the 1993 BRIT Award for Best Video. The Sophie Muller-directed video shows Marcella Detroit on a spaceship caring for a dying man. Siobhan Fahey, playing the angel of death, comes to take him away, but walks down the steps awkwardly. It was rumored that she had to wait on the set for 12 hours before filming her part and killed the time by drinking vodka, which made it hard for her to balance.
  • "Stay" returned to the UK singles chart in November 2010 after X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd performed the track on the show.
  • When asked by the BBC if there were any songs she can't listen to because of unpleasant memories, Fahey replied: "'Stay.' Having a number one single does not make you happy."

    Success exacerbated the tension between the duo, who had an acrimonious split not long after the song hit #1. Fahey continued Shakespears Sister as a solo effort until 1996 and revived the name again in 2009.

Comments: 9

  • Dandy from CanadaThe song and video, great. But Marcella’s voice goes to the core of your soul. Thank you
  • Dion from Covington, LaThis is an awesome song and the video is even better!
  • Anna from Nyc, NyAwesome, haunting song!
  • Nelson from MelbourneGood song this. Reminds me a bit of Phil Collins track 'In the Air Tonight' how halfway into the track killer drums kick in.
  • Reese from Calgary, CanadaI remember this song from when I was like 8 or 9 years old, I loved the song, it actually made me cry (which is rare, I assure you). I remember it appearing on a compilation of love songs, a cd called "Reasons To Believe" and it was the only song that I would listen to. Very powerful song writing here! It's too bad that these two broke up, they could've made some (more) great music together.
  • Claire from West MidlandsSiobhan Fahey played the angel of death, not Marcella.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InI was in college while this was getting radio play. I bought this album and its good all the way around. I guess it wasn't what the grunge crowd was into during those years.
  • Leona from Edinburgh, ScotlandMarcella Detroit had had 'a few too many' before shooting this video but said in an interview that in her own opinion the alcohol improved her performance. She also pointed out that the happ hazard way in which she walks down the steps is because she was finding it hard to keep her balance! Tensions were already running high between Siobhan Fahey and Marcella at the time this video was shot, it eventually led to their demise.
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeSiobhan Fahey was a member of the popular 80's girl group Bananarama. When she left, Jacqui O' Sullivan took her place.

    Siobhan is married to Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.
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