My Last Cigarette

Album: single release only (1963)
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  • Not to be confused with any song of a similar title, "My Last Cigarette" was written by Sydney Carter (1915-2004). Carter was a poet and folk singer in his own right, but this delightful if worrying little ditty was recorded by the actress Sheila Hancock fairly early on in her career. Although strictly speaking a novelty song, "My Last Cigarette" could have been written by an anti-smoking activist, and it is somewhat surprising that it hasn't been adopted by some anti-smoking pressure group as its anthem. Performed with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, it was released on the Decca label produced by Transatlantic Records in March 1963. There is a short dialogue introduction, and some coughing throughout the song until at the end, well, let's just say it really was her last cigarette. The song has a delightful hook: "When I've had just one more cigarette".
  • This appears to be the only single Sheila Hancock ever released, although she has appeared in the occasional musical both before and since. >>
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