Call Me

Album: Sound Of Madness (2008)


  • This song is about a relationship, and the guy understands that over time, he cannot make his girl happy anymore. So he makes a choice, and tells her that he will say goodbye, for her own happiness, although he still loves her, and wants to be with her. >>
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    Corey - Jaffery, NH

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  • Natalie from Lorena, TxBrent Smith has an amazing voice, and this song just emphasizes it so much more. When he says, "So i'll be on my way" it really hits me that he knows he has to leave for her. He isn't leaving for himself, because this is clearly a huge mental step for him to take. He tells her "call me" whatever you want, but he still makes sure to sing "I don't want you to hurt" in order to show he is doing this for her. One of Shinedown's main ballads if you ask me. Most of their sad songs are hits, my favorite being The Crow And The Butterfly.
    April 1, 2021
    Natalie, Age 15
  • JanisI love this song
  • Mollie From Ky from KentuckyI feel this song, can be related to addiction, relationship, or life.
    I love this song... it can potentially be any difficult part in life, trying to get right
  • Kevin from AtlantaI am convinced this song is about addiction. "I said many times I'll change my ways no nevermind." I'm an addict and that's exactly what I say to myself and to my soon to be ex wife over and over. Like me, he finally realizes the best thing he can do for her is leave. Or maybe she made him leave.
  • Elle Dee Gee from Mcalester, OkI sent this song to both of my daughters in 2017 when I started listening to lyrics for the first time. They and I left that toxic household. They begged me, at 9 & 16, "let's leave." Husband & Father of the Year didn't even care. I think it hurt his feelings when we were strengthened. He felt defeated. To save face, a judge was empowered to call my action "kidnapping," instead of "escape." I wish that judge had a crystal ball. All three of us were split up across the country. Both girls lived in two different houses 900mi from each other. I had managing conservatorship, a nervous breakdown, and no identity. Divorce judges don't like it when children move away. I was ashamed. Only crack fiend Mama's don't get their kids 100 percent. Right? Especially when I have to share with a bastard like that! You can't ignore the line in the song, "VISIT ON THE WEEKENDS" Which makes me sure it's a song to a child who got what my kids got. Injustice. A parent who can't stop being a prick, even for the children's sake.There's always this s--ty brainwashing that goes on when "the other party" has to make up a reason why you left them. To tell the truth would have very scary consequences for them. Parents like us aren't alone. I live my life like a gypsy out of a suitcase not staying in one place. I had to make a choice that was not mine, they wished they could say goodbye for the last time. They can't live like that. They need resolution and a home that stays put. Balderdash. I love them so much. My oldest, 28, wants explanations she already has. My 21 year old, wants me to ride up in a Hummer with 2 guns and my specially made super suit on, to save her. I did the first thing. Still not good enough. Super suit at the ready, little one is afraid to take my help. But we still hang out.
    Thanks for reading this far. I can identify so well with so many of the songs. But I don't think it's about a guy and a girl breaking up. I think there is a problem with playing in a travelin band and having a child you can't take with you. Whatever you tell them is never good enough. Even if you only ever tell them the truth. This is the first time I've candidly talked about this openly and honestly. Thanks for letting me leave this here. But, This .. is why I love Shinedown. It's as if I've lived their songs.
  • Shannon from Houston, TxSo this song was written about him leaving because he is never gonna make her happy, he has made promise after promise, and knows he cant pull it off, and he didnt want to become a weekend father but he will to make her happy.
  • Cliff from Minneapolis, MnI love Shinedown's lyrics. It's easy to see what they are trying to get across but also cryptic enough for you to make your own interpretations.
  • Amy from Home, NyThis song is amazing!
  • Gabie from Fafb, WaThe piano part is incredible and totally fits the mood of the song
  • Amandamarie from Bath, MiI really like this song. It protrays and man that is willing to give up everything just to make the girl he loves happy, even if it is her.
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