Album: Attention Attention (2018)
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  • This ominous, riff-driven tune is the first fully formed track on Attention Attention. Vocalist Brent Smith explained to Billboard the song is about being afraid:

    "'Devil' is about being terrified of not only yourself, in some respects, but the world around you, and understanding that there are so many things and so many different situations and people and places and atmospheres and exposure that human beings are put in front of on a daily basis, [and] the world can be a really difficult place to navigate. So that's where the story starts."
  • The song's music video is a dramatic introduction to Attention Attention. It is the first of a series of clips for every song on the record helmed by Bill Yukich, the lead editor on Beyonce's Lemonade film. The visuals follow the storyline running through the album, of an individual in a dark, negative mental and emotional place, slowly going through a change within the confines of their mind before emerging on the highest of highs as anxieties dissipate and demons disappear.

    "It was all about starting the story off very dramatic," Smith said of the "Devil" clip. "It's not set in a traditional, quote-unquote music video style. It plays out, even in the four minutes-and-change that the song is, [that] we pack a lot of information into this first song for the viewer, because that was all built by design; we really wanted to make a statement with this video."

    "The colors are very vibrant, the way that the editing is shot and the amount of detail in the story of the song, how much he was able to present, is quite frankly unlike anything I've been able to see any director be able to do for the first song you heard," he added. "It's kind of like being a new artist... because I guarantee nobody will have ever seen Shinedown in this capacity."
  • Brent Smith explained the song's meaning to Loudwire:

    "'Devil' is really about understanding that maybe in your past you might have run into the brick wall. But the fact of the matter is that the brick wall is undefeated. You know what I mean? Like if you run into it, it's gonna win. You got to figure out ways to manoeuvre those obstacles that come at you. And that's a bit of what the basis is for 'Devil.' It's this person accepting the fact that if they're gonna continue moving on in their life, and in their journey, then in their world, they're gonna have to make some changes. It's only gonna better them. But in the same breath, they're going to have to face these issues."

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  • James from TulsaLife is coming up against so many walls (devils); or if you will, even the culmination of your experiences (devils) and lifelong challenges (devils). Try to find your OWN peace.
  • Ira from Ny"my god, you said it yourself that you would never stop
    until you felt the needle drop"

    From google:
    In the context of music licensing, the term "needle drop" poetically refers to that moment when music is synchronized with another work such as a TV show, a video, or a commercial.​ Each time the "needle drops" on a record, a new license is required

    I think instead of a literal drug reference, this means something more like.. you wont stop punishing yourself until everything in your life is perfectly synced. To go with the artist's comments.. you're going to keep hitting that brick wall until things turn out as the perfection you imagine. Until the needle drops.
  • Jyin475 from TexasAlicia it is about overcoming all of those things the devil being in the next room could be drugs, or maybe an abuser, heck even video games. The devil is whatever is stopping someone from living a normal life really. And overcoming that devil. That’s what i get from his explanation.
  • Aliciai thought the song is about someone who is addicted to something like drugs (because of the needle part) and that it is very dangerous for this person, so the devil is waiting in the next room, waiting for the person to die of the drugs. and the singer, who says that the person shall pick up their phone is worried about them, because they're scared of being alone since they might not he able to withstand the urge to take drugs. so the singer warns the person that it could be over any moment when they don't stop.
    the drugs could also be seen as something else, like cutting, or whatever the listener to the song wants.
    but Brent Smith said that it's about something else, but I don't really understand it..
    could someone explain it pls?
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