How Did You Love?

Album: Threat To Survival (2015)
  • This track is about the importance of living a good life. Frontman Brent Smith explained:

    "It's a different song for us, because it was very unique, the statement that's in the song. The song's called 'How Did You Love', but it's a song that asks the question, 'How did you live your life?' Because if you are given the gift of life, and you're born, you will pass away eventually; you know, it's going to happen. But what did you do in the meantime? In the middle of all that, what did you leave behind? What was your legacy? What kind of person were you? Did you love? Did you inspire people? Were you good to people? Were you good to yourself? I think it was more of a question of, were you able to let go of hate?

    One of the words I use a lot is negativity, because I'm not into that word; I just think there's enough of it. And it's harder sometimes to be positive than it is to be negative. But that's really the question in that song and why it's such a very honest statement. Because if you're given the gift of life, you're gonna pass away eventually. And this isn't supposed to be depressing by any means. It's really supposed to be an eye opener of, like, 'Wow! If I wasn't living before, I'd better start living now.' And that's really what it's built around."

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  • Nancy Ladybugg from ArizonaLove love love this song because I feel like it is how I feel and how I try to live my life everyday. I love it so much I’m getting part of the lyrics tattooed on me next month. Thank you Shinedown for ALL of your amazing music and the great shows you put on
  • Stan from Colorado"How did you love" - Written on cardboard and held just below his eyes, was the compelling message of a young pan handler as he waited for help, standing in the mist of a rainy day in a Colorado Springs intersection. It just happened yesterday - I really wanted to speak with him, because I know the answer. I know it so well! You see, the answer to love - the answer is Jesus. I am one of those, perhaps very rare individuals, that has spoken in the flesh to my gaurdian angel. The story is written. I wish there was room to share it here. I went back to tell him my story - Jesus story, but he was gone. "How did you love!" I know the answer, and it's awesome to behold!
  • Janet from ColoradoI love this song! It's all so very true and I know several people who need to remember that how we are not here to be selfish assholes, and the only thing we really have is our legacy. I thought about my own life a lot when I heard this for the first time and I asked myself how do I love? Great song!
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