Album: No Gravity (2010)
Charted: 9 13


  • This is Barbadian Pop/R&B singer Shontelle's lead US single and second worldwide single from her second album, No Gravity. "Licky (Under the Covers)" was released as the lead worldwide single from the album and as the second US single.
  • The song was produced and written by Arnthor Birgisson with Ina Wroldsen. Birgisson is a member of the Swedish music production company Maratone along with Max Martin and has written for Westlife and Britney Spears. Norwegian songwriter Ina Wroldsen has penned several of The Saturdays singles, including their debut hit, "If This Is Love."
  • Shontelle told the story behind the song to J-14 Magazine: "I really felt like ballads were missing from radio for a minute, and I knew that there was no song out there for heartbroken people. I just wanted to put a song out that gave people hope - things may not work out the way you want them to, but you can move past it and everything is gonna be okay. I know that a lot of people have a similar story and sometimes you need to feel like you're not alone. I knew that I might have to tell embarrassing stories about myself, but I might help someone realize, 'Okay, if Shontelle can figure it out, then I'll be alright.' It's not the end of the world - you can move on, and this is song is going to help you find the strength somehow."
  • Shontelle told Digital Spy that she can relate to the song's lyrical content. She explained: "I'm literally living it right now myself. Sometimes you're in love and it doesn't work out and it breaks your heart - especially when it's a person you never saw that coming from, someone you thought could be The One. I think everyone has a heartbreak story and I definitely can relate."
  • The song's music video was produced by TAJ Stansberry and features American singer and model Steph Jones as Shontelle's love interest. The Barbadian singer told Digital Spy about the clip: "When we were thinking about the video, we thought about how the economy's been crap of late, labels are cutting budgets because no-one's buying music, and lots of videos aren't how they used to be. You know how they'd be like mini-movies and tell a full story? We wanted to accomplish that with 'Impossible' and I think the director, TAJ Stansberry, did a great job."
  • Shontelle discussed the difficulties of getting this song playlisted in an interview with Sound Savvy. Said the singer: "It was such a challenge working it – because a lot of stations didn't want to add it because it's a ballad. They were like 'no one cares about ballads now' and I'm like 'No, I'm bringing ballads back.' You got to believe it. Everyone would say the same thing. They would all say 'This is the best song I've heard for the year but I can't add it to my station because it's a ballad.' And we would leave stations so disappointed, sometimes I would be close to tears. Like, 'are you kidding me? You just told me this is the best song but you won't add it.' Then the people spoke. It was really the people that started online with fans just saying 'Hell no! that's crazy.' They basically like stalked and bombarded video stations and forced them to have to play it. Once we got over that hump it was like a mushroom explosion after that and I feel so lucky."
  • The song was offered to Leona Lewis before Shontelle recorded it. The Barbadian singer told Flavour Magazine she's happy the English songstress turned the track down. Said Shontelle: "I have been hearing that rumour for a long time, but I didn't believe it until it was actually confirmed while I was in Norway. I was like, 'Wow! I'm glad you turned it down, because I got to sing it!'
    People turn down songs for different reasons. I don't know what her reasons were - maybe she couldn't relate to it at the time. Either way I'm happy that I sang it for all those heartbroken people."
  • British X Factor contestant James Arthur released his version of the song immediately after winning the finale on December 9, 2012. It debuted at #1 on the UK singles chart the following week, whilst Shontelle's original rendition also returned to the top 40.

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  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesCarrie from Everett - actually "Impossible" was originally written as a male heartbreak song about a boy who took caution and did everything he could try and make the relationship work, but in the end he ultimately had his heart broken by a cool, aloof femme fatale with a strong personality but a cold heart. Contrary to popular belief this is not actually Shontelle's song - it was written in 2005 by Arthor Birgisson. He was contracted as a songwriter rather than a performer with the Maratone label so his version went unreleased. Ina Wroldsen changed some of the lyrics with the intention of offering the song to several other hit artists, who turned it down (most notably Leona Lewis in 2008); Shontelle then covered it in 2010... Personally I think James Arthur's 2012 version isn't just better - it completely blows Shontelle's version out of the water , mainly because it was written intended as a male heartbreak song so he was singing it from the male standpoint as it was originally intended by Arnthor Birgisson... In addition, Shontelle's R&B take on the song was too sassy and upbeat for such a harrowing song IMO - wheras I feel James' darker, more rock-orientated sound had a bleak, pensive feel to it that fitted the stark lyrics of the song much better than Shontelle's. That's just my opinion though, and if you prefer Shontelle's version then that's fair enough! :-)
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI love this!!! Just makes you want to sing it!
  • Carrie from Everett, Wa"Impossible" is a song about a girl who decided she would take wise advice and apply it to her life while taking "caution when it comes to love." And so she did, and everything seemed perfect for the long run. But further into their relationship, it was clear that her significant other was stronger than her in the relationship,
    "you were strong and I was not" and because she was so deep in love with him, she was "careless and forgot" about continuing to take caution, or realizing that he was in total control. This completely damaged their relationship because he took advantage of her naiveness about love and trust.

    "You have gone and so effortlessly
    You have won" this is referring to the fact that he broke her heart so easily, with a snap of his fingers, by cheating on her with multiple women. "Tell THEM all I know now" is her wanting the other women to know because if her relationship to him meant nothing, than neither will his other ones.

    "Tell them what I hoped would be impossible"
    He is never going to change because as the saying goes... once a cheater, always a cheater.
    It's a lifestyle he's grown into and it was impossible for their "love" to mean anything when she wasn't the only girl in his life.

    "Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken
    All my scars are open"
    Even though she was happy at the time, her heart is broken now
    so basically it doesn't mean anything if she's just going to be hurt in the end
    the "and" is what signifies this
    she was happy AND her heart is broken
    All her scars are open to show the "others" he has been with that this is what happened to her, out of this damaging relationship

    "Thinking all you need is there
    Building faith on love and words
    Empty promises will wear"
    again, this refers to her being naive into love
    She thought since their love and words were so strong that automatically faith would be attached into that package, when evidently that wasn't the case. She thought everything they needed in their relationship was there, and it wasn't. There was no loyalty involved, one of the key qualities to obtain in a relationship.
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