Album: The Things That Got Us Here (2020)


  • The message behind this upbeat anthem is count your blessings and choose to be joyful even in the difficult times.

    Smile, when you think you can't
    Smile, get up and dance
    Smile, there's a bigger plan
    The storm only lasts for a while

    Lead singer David Frey explained: "In the tough times, we can either wither away in fear and doubt, or we can go confidently into each new challenge knowing that when we hold on to Christ and his promises, there is always a reason to smile."
  • During the band's career, The Sidewalk Prophets have been through a mix of both awesome and terrifying experiences. However, they have learned that whatever the situation is, they can still know the joy of the Lord.

    There's always a reason
    To always choose joy
    There's something deeper
    That the world can't destroy

    Frey explained to New Release Today: "Sometimes, we muddle joy and happiness together. But, the truth is happiness is in our control. Whereas joy never is. Joy only comes from the Lord. And, I think that "Smile" is all about realizing that. God's joy is always there for us on our best day, on our worst day, and every day in between. There's a reason to reach out and hold on to the joy of God. And, when you do, even on a rough day, it makes you smile."
  • For the song's music video, Frey pulled random people off the street to play ping pong. He explained: "We did the band portion of the video earlier in the morning. Then, from 10 all the way until 6 in the evening, I randomly asked people if they wanted to play ping-pong. Construction workers and people randomly passing by. It was great."


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