Ana's Song

Album: Neon Ballroom (1999)
Charted: 45


  • Lead singer Daniel Johns wrote this about his fight with the eating disorder Anorexia (Ana = Anorexia). It references Lady Diana Spencer, as she also suffered from an eating disorder.
  • Silverchair are an Australian band. In most of their promotional materials, the band name does not have a capital letter, as they think it looks better all in lower case. The band had their first hits while still in their teens and were nicknamed "Nirvana in Pajamas." >>
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  • Daniel Johns: "It pretty much focuses on the story where the actor is a person with an obsessive compulsive disorder. She's compulsively washing her hands and hiding behind a psychological disorder. And it's basically lot's of visual stuff going on. It's got a story but it's very visual. We wanted to make a visual video but not a generic band rock performance video." >>
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    Beth - MN
  • Benjamin Gillies: "The video is done by a lady in Australia called Cate Anderson. She'd actually done a short film for us before, for the song Emotion Sickness. Her ideas are really good and she's just kind of suited the kind of style that the video was going to be done for the Ana's Song." >>
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Comments: 18

  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe most depressing song but I love it!
  • Rayanne from Ontario, Canadai love this means something to anyone that has ever tried to give up an addiction any kind of an addiction..the comfort of old habits are hard to give up..feels like its a part of you. This song was really touching and the video was too
  • Amanda Welch from Tulsa, OkThis song and video affect me everytime I see/listen to it. I know that he wrote this about his anorexia but did not know the details of the song lyrics and the video images. Thank you. I totally empathize with control issues because I have starved myself as punishment and I struggle with a disorder. His honest revelations make me appreciate the song more and make me be more sensitive to our differences.
  • Diana from Elk Grove, CaAs an anoretic myself, I can tell better than others when someone is talking about anorexia. This is definitely about anorexia. "Ana" is a common 'nickname' for anorexia. I really doubt the part "please die ana" is really about Diana; but he's saying he wishes he could get rid of his eating disorder. It's a very touching song with beautiful lyrics that I [and many others, even those who aren't anorexic] can relate to strongly.
  • Nick from Kingston, Australiasilverchair rule
  • Heather from Centreville, VaThis song is written about Daniel Johns struggle with an eating disorder. He felt so out of control of his life, the only thing he could control was his food intake. So he starved himself, and only ate fruit when he was about to pass out. He said he tried pushing himself to see how far he could take it.
  • Masha from Amsterdam, NetherlandsKate - I think because Dan sings "Please die Ana" in the first line. When I first heard the song I was like, "Please, Diana?" But I never thought that was intentional. And no they didn't break up but I hope that the new album won't sound like the Dissociatives or Tambalane. I loved Neon Ballroom but Diorama gave me the impression they've gone soft, really. All right, kill me. xD Ghe. I've no more to say.
  • Rebecca from Wingham, AustraliaYou know, Silverchair aren't actually broken up. They're just on hiatus, which is why they still readily performed at Waveaid.
    Very personal song about Daniel Johns' battle with anorexia and recovery, as seen in the clip by him pushed in a wheelchair by himself.
  • Kate from San Diego, United Stateswhat makes people think this has anything to do with diana?

    just cuz it says ana?

    "open fire on the needs designed" means youre fighting your bodys biological drive to make hunger go away through eating

    its such a great song
  • Cat from Bournemouth, EnglandThe lyrics say 'Please Die Ana' so he doesn't directly reference lady diana however when I first heard the song I immeadiately thought of Diana. I reckon John's did it diliberatly cause he wanted people to think of Diana - someone ppl sympathized with and a public figure - who battled bulimia.
  • Ghost from Kaneohe, HiSilverchair has -not- broken up; they aren't working on anything new at this exact moment in time, but if you join their fan club it tells you what they are doing, and that all rumors of a break-up are false. In fact, their latest album, "Diorama" was critically acclaimed over in Australia, & I'm eagerly anticipating a follow-up!

    As for "Ana's Song" - this song means so much to me. I was going through a lot when I first heard it, and I feel like it soothed parts of my pain that nothing else could even reach. In fact, the entirety of "Neon Ballroom" did that... Just one of the many, many reasons silverchair is my favorite band!
  • Brittany from Toronto, Canadaall i can say about this song is that it just makes me speachless. I love silverchair i just wish they didnt break up, im sure they could have made those bad times so much easier for fans out there.

    -a fan, Canada
  • Phillip from Eureka, Nci fell in love with this song! i had just gotten over a 2 year battle with anorexia and heroin addiction when the song was released. for me it's a song that i hold to heart knowing i can identify with daniel's lyrics and emotions.
  • Sarah from Hamilton, CanadaDaniel John's wrote this song about his ordeal with his phobia of eating hard food. He was afraid of it cutting him, so he would only eat stuff like fruit and soups.
  • Melissa from Lansing, MiI love silverchair. They are such an awesome band
  • Melanie from Lonson, EnglandI love Ana's song....The words are so true. This song helps me when im feeling 'down'. I find that alot of Silverchair songs help me through bad times, and i can relate to the words of their songs... I also love Across the Night, and After All These Years.....
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkThis is my all time favorite song. There's just something about this song that touches me very deep. I can really relate to this song...
  • Holly from Pensacola, FlThis song is a one-of-a-kind, someone finally stood up and wrote a song about something so personal and shameful even... I love this song, it's one of my all time favorites!
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