Smile In Your Sleep

Album: Discovering The Waterfront (2005)


  • This song is about a boy who plays the fool for his girlfriend, and pretends that he doesn't know she's having an affair. She lies to him, but he just brushes it off. >>
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    Kelsi - Princeton, Canada

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  • Dallas from West Valley City, UtThe way I see it, is it is about a relationship where the girl is cheating on the guy. The guy knows it, but pretends that he doesn't because he wants it to just go away; he doesn't want to confront her. Buuuuuut, all the bottled rage is let out in the end and he ends up murdering her "I dream of steel, maroon and warm. your end, your end, you gasp for air" I interpret that as him stabbing her to death: (steel- a knife) (maroon and warm - blood). Whether or not he actually does it, or if he just wants to is up for us to decide i think.
  • Landon from Winchester, OhSounds a bit too much like a 30 Seconds to Mars song. It's good, though.
  • Andrewvenom92390 from Elyria, Ohi think in the end of the song she dies (he kills her??) becuz it talked about her lying in her "bed" and the euology being read. and he thinks its fitting for her.
  • Jessa from Pittsburgh, Paidk but i love it lol
  • Emily from Grand Rapids, MiLove the song.Love the Music video.Love the Band
  • Ty from Dumas, Txthis song is actually about a dream that the lead singer, shane told, had. he says it was one of the kreepeist dreams he's ever had.come on people get the re-release. it'll keep you from having to guess at the song meanings it tells you.
  • Holly from Hollywood, DcThat might be true that shes cheating on him and she doesnt know he knows it, but really he does. But i think this song is about a girl being mentally crazy about this guy, and him meaning everything to her, but hes not at a point in his life that he can just forget about everything except for her, but thats not really what she wants him to do, he just thinks that. And additionally he ended up leaving her in agony, with a broken heart. All because of a lie, that the guy doesnt even know of.
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