Texas Mickey


  • This song features Anthony Raneri from the New York rockers Bayside singing at the end with vocalist Shane Told. The Silverstein frontman explained the collaboration in an interview with Alter The Press!: "We finished writing the song and we recorded a demo of it and I sang his part and afterwards we were thinking about some guest appearances for the new record. I thought about that song and I thought his voice would fit so perfectly in that one spot. It's actually kind of cool because on the deluxe edition of our CD we still have the demo of it, so people will be to hear how I sang it versus how he sang it. I think it's just cool for fans who care about that stuff to see the process from the 1 minute demo to the final finished product."
  • So, what is a Texas Mickey? Told explained to Alter the Press!: "A Texas Mickey is what we call a bottle of booze in a 3 liter bottle, it's essentially a giant bottle of alcohol so that's where the title of the song came from."


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