Album: No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls (2002)
Charted: 24


  • "Sorry I can't be perfect" is something many kids say to their parents at some point. This song is directed specifically to the father, with lead singer Pierre Bouvier singing from the perspective of a kid who can no longer communicate with his dad.

    Inspiration for the song came from drummer Chuck Comeau's parents, who weren't supportive of his career choice. Becoming a musician is not the best path to a stable career, but was his dream and he wanted them to be supportive. After Simple Plan signed a deal with Lava Records, he and Bouvier wrote this song to prove to Comeau's parents that he made it, and to say sorry that he's not perfect. >>
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    Alyssa - Gc, PA
  • This song had a huge impact on kids who were struggling to get along with the authority figures in their lives. It let them know that others felt the same way, and a sense of community formed around it.

    Simple Plan saw the impact for the first time at a show early in their career at a ski resort in Vermont. "There was no barricade or anything, Pierre Bouvier told Songfacts. "The front row was all a bunch of young people - mostly young girls - that were sitting on the sides of the stage where we were playing, and when we played 'Perfect,' a lot of them were crying. They weren't crying hysterically like with the Beatles where it's like, 'I love you!' It was more the emotion from the lyrics and how they could relate to it. And I remember being like, Holy s--t. These people are crying to the words that I'm singing. That was the first time I saw that, and I remember it being an indicator of how these songs are more than just me and a band."
  • This was the fourth single from Simple Plan's debut album, and their most successful in America, where it reached #24. The pop-punk sound was big at the time; Simple Plan were part of a wave that also included Sum 41 and Good Charlotte.
  • Jason Flom, who ran the band's label, Lava Records, championed this song because his daughter loved it. He knew if it appealed to her, it would be a hit.
  • Simple Plan had a few songs, including "I'd Do Anything" and "Addicted," already written when they signed with Lava Records in 2000, but "Perfect" they wrote after they joined the label. It took them about a year to complete the record, during which time they perfected "Perfect."
  • The video, which shows the band performing the song on the roof of a house, was directed by Liz Friedlander, whose credits include "The Great Beyond" by R.E.M. and "You Learn" by Alanis Morissette. The roof wasn't really on a house, it was shot in a studio and composited.
  • An acoustic version of the song was included on the soundtrack of the 2004 teen musical comedy film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which stars Lindsay Lohan as an aspiring actress.
  • Members of Simple Plan eventually had kids of their own, which put them on the other side of the pitch. In a 2020 Songfacts interview with Bouvier, he said: "It reminds me of where I was as a kid, and it gives me perspective on how to handle my kids. I can see already some challenges showing up, and I can see their little personalities coming out. So I'm getting a glimpse of what the teenage years ahead are going to be for me, and a song like 'Perfect' hopefully will remind me in the difficult times with my kids to go easy on them and to remind myself that in those years, there's a lot of confusion and a lot of learning to become who you are, and learning to be a human being."

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  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesI used to sing this song on Karaoke when I was ONLY 10 or 14 hehehehe
    One of my fav of Simple plan songs
  • Mark from Louisville, Kyi am a father of 3 very incredible adult children now ... my story is, when this song came out i was divorcing a spouse with severe behavioral problems. Who demanded perfection from everyone but herself ... personal boundaries did not exist, and approval was rarely given .. My children and I were living in hell .. nothing was normal. Innocent children seeing their world collapsing .. the only solution was a very brutal divorce .. That year I lost my mom as well.. my faith in Christ was the only reason I got thru this .. the children are estranged from their mom, and feeling abandoned .. especially the girls .. but they are far better now at a time when feeling sorry for myself and focusing only on my needs, this song came on the radio... I listened to it several times because in a small way it helped me stay focused on the kids .. i didn't want them to feel they had to be perfect .. to make sure they knew they were unconditionally loved and cared for, no matter what .. to protect them .. to help them heal .. to feel safe put them first ..Looking back, i realize "perfect" should never be used in the context of parenting .. or describing anyone .. Every time i hear this song i am reminded of the choice i made back then ...and now .. to be the very best parent, and person to my children that i could be be present in their lives .. and to realize I'm not perfect either ..
  • Kenneth from Mililani, Hiok sorry for the second post but i know this song is about a career but us teens take the song diffrently and hey it doesnt make our lives sound s--tty THE SONGS ARENT ABOUT US when we listn to it we take it and relate to the lyrics or simply like the rythem and beat so please dont say such negative things but if you do really think about it
  • Kenneth from Mililani, Hii tooooootaly agree

    "To all those people who commented that this is a bad song and gives teens the wrong message or whatever thats all crap especially steve , i think the drummer wrote this song not because his parents were like oh i dont think you should do that, i bet they were much worse and probably didnt support him in any endeavors and thats bad on their part a parent should support their child no matter what and all the nonsense about teens not being greatful for what their parents do for them, where in the sone does it say that he doesnt appreciate him, i think all kids feel like they cant live up to their parents expectations or views because parents although they may have teens once really dont understand what teens are going through and this song is an outlet for teens to release their pain or sorrow or maybe just listen to an awesome song so i know that this post was extremely long and no one will probably read the whole thing i just had to write it because of all those ignorant parents who are so quick to judge and blame the band and their teens"
    - Lainy, New York, NY

    HEY SHUT UP. ok please dont read this if you dont hate the song when you hear it. i really hate when people judge music if you dont like it then dont be an complete a hole im 14 i can relate somtimes just please dont judge this song so fast think about wen you were a teen and if you are and your parents love you and think your perfect well think what if your dad was not proud of you because your not how they wanted you to be. and one last thing please parents just think about it times have changed its alot diffrent from when you were a teen i almost broke out in tears when i listened to this please people listen to the words mabey ot just the voice.
  • Iain from Medford, Mawhen i listen to this song, i think of all the memories my dad and i share. and even though he cant ever be proud of me, i will always love him, and that's also why i get very emotional while listening too this song.
  • Becca from Dekalb, IlThis is my song to my dad. He was going to give up his parental rights for me. I wans't his perfect child. He wanted me to do his dreams,not mine.
  • Lena from Denver, CoThis song makes me really sad and happy at the same time 'cause my dad died when i was nine. He was really religious and it turned me into a goody-goody. When he died I turned into a delinquent so this song hits me hard.
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiait makes me angry how much talent simple plan don't have. wah wah wah.
  • Lainy from New York, Nysorry one more thing "Not the fact that you can consistly ignore moral behavior, and lawful activity and expect your parents to be all forgiving" steve that justs proves my point of parent ignorance most teens have morals and obey laws and those who dont have sucky parents so maybe you should take a look at your parenting style because its obviously not working if you have to come on here and comment to others about the "problems with teens" its really the adults that are the problem, i didnt mention this in my last post because your message was too hypocritical, heinous and ludicrous
  • Lainy from New York, NyTo all those people who commented that this is a bad song and gives teens the wrong message or whatever thats all crap especially steve , i think the drummer wrote this song not because his parents were like oh i dont think you should do that, i bet they were much worse and probably didnt support him in any endeavors and thats bad on their part a parent should support their child no matter what and all the nonsense about teens not being greatful for what their parents do for them, where in the sone does it say that he doesnt appreciate him, i think all kids feel like they cant live up to their parents expectations or views because parents although they may have teens once really dont understand what teens are going through and this song is an outlet for teens to release their pain or sorrow or maybe just listen to an awesome song so i know that this post was extremely long and no one will probably read the whole thing i just had to write it because of all those ignorant parents who are so quick to judge and blame the band and their teens
  • Lila from Edgewood, MdSorry for making another comment but do you people who say it's a bad song and makes kids hate their parents understand now? And parents who pressure you're kids to choose a career or something along those lines, I hope I helped you understand.
  • Lila from Edgewood, MdI really love this song and can certainly relate to it, I am certainly not saying I don't have good parents, but they really aren't supportive of my future career choices. It's really hurtful and they don't understand that, they constantly want me to be a nurse because I used to say thats what I wanted to be when I was little, but I really really don't want to be a nurse and whenever I tell them that and why they tell me i'll get over it, no I won't get over it I don't want to be a nurse ever! I tell them and tell them and now that I think they finally understand they keep telling me i'm going to be poor and I don't have what it takes to be in the profession that I want.
  • Robert from Kentwood, MiAlthough I can't relate entirely to this song I think it's pretty sweet. My dad use to come home drunk at 1 in the morning pull me and my sister out of bed and hit us. after the divorce my sister never talked to him again but I by court order I had to see him. I tried for two years to forget all the things he would say to me, my sister, and my mom but he kept it up. So yes it is hard to talk to him and maybe he wasnt my hero but he was still my dad and I tried. I know I disapoint him because he tells me I do to my face and he makes me feel like crap but I've learned to move on and not care what he thinks when I do things I want to do.
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzI never liked the video, because my daughter was a young teen when she was listening to Simple Plan, and the video makes it seem like it's 'okay' to run away, just because you have differences with your parents. Her and I had a good relationship, but she ran away at 17, and it seems like the things she saw on TV may have played a part in that. She just didn't like to be she went to live with her boyfriend. Now, she's almost 19, we get along great, and she's doing good things with her life. Just venting about the video...
  • Steve from Independence, MoThis is the first time I have taken the time to respond to something like this, but since my son reccomended I listen to the song, I thought I should investigate its meaning a little bit. As far as the sound, it's not my thing, but what people enjoy is their own personal judgement, and far be it from me to pick apart the listening habits of a bunch of strangers.
    As far as the lyrics go, there is where I have some problems. I am very aware of teenagers angst and feeling of deprivity of their parents support. In fact, although it's hard for my son to believe, I was once a teenager. But, as I read the comments on this (I think it's called a blog), I notice that the statements like " This song is so my life" seem to be made by young people. I believe that may be because MOST (not all) older people see that their parents worries about the decisions their children make, does not come from shame, malice, or not even non-support. We worry about what our childrens lives will become when we can no longer protect them. Our only ability to influence our children is to warn them of the dangers and the effects of their decisions. Now, as far as career choices, really what is expected of a parent. " Hey Dad, I am going to try to make a living in a proffession that less than 1/2 of 1% succeed." I would think any parent would worry and be unsure. But when a parent voices those concerns, than they're are seen as unsupportive. This song is said to have been written by a "drummer". Where does anyone think them lessons came from. If his father paid for them, where is the credit for that support in the song. And where is the song thanking mom dad for talking me out of becoming a musican, or a clown in the circus or any other hard to acheive proffesion, and thanking them for the foresight that help him/her become a dentist, a judge, or computer engineer.
    Without getting into my own personal arena, it also needs to be clear to some (BY NO MEANS ALL) that remark this song is somehow connected to their life, that the song is talking about a career decision. Not the fact that you can consistly ignore moral behavior, and lawful activity and expect your parents to be all forgiving. I.E. in my personal case.
    So I say go on and enjoy the song, but PLEASE, do not put the lyrical ramblings of inexperienced kids above the caring, loving, and experienced opinions of the people who will support and care for you the most in your life, (even when they're not happy with your decisions or actions), YOUR PARENTS.
    I apologize for the length of this and thank anyone who bothered to read it all. Agreed, or disagreed.
  • Bethanii from Okc, Okthis song is so great. its so perfect for everyone whos parents dont like the way they're living their lives and most of the time they hav ur best interest in mind but kids need to be brought up not torn down. i love it.
  • Karen from Hasstingsquare, United StatesI love simple plan. The songs they write is just so true. Like crazy, and perfrect.
  • Lauren from Kansas City, Moi relate to this song more than anyone i know and i listen to it almost 24/7. Before i was born, when my father learned he was going to be a dad, he left my mother, and I was adopted by my aunt. I've wondered my whole life why he owuld do that and I've tried my whole life to push myself as hard as i can to prove to myself that if he was watching he'd be proud. I've had a lot of father figures in my life, my Sensi Mr. Middleton is like a father to me but lately we haven't been seeing eye to eye and he thinks i haven't been working hard enough, and then my grandfather who loved me like his own was the one i always tried to make proud of me, i'd do anything for him, but once he died i felt lost, like i had no more push.
  • Jordan from --, Ini think this song is about a kid saying to his dad, "this is me. you can't change who i am. i'm sorry that i can't be perfect." my dad and i hate each other so much.

    and Lyzette, Moorpark,'re the poser. how are you say that about any of those bands. why don't you just listen to your music instead of insulting ours. get a life!
  • Ashley from Buffalo, NyEverytime I hear this song I feel like crying. My father and I don't really get along and the first time I listened to this song me and him happened to be fighting at the time and we were having one of our "I'm not gonna talk to you till you talk to me first and when I DO talk back I'll probably say something bitchy anyways" momments. Right now we are at it again and I think we are gonna end up like him and my grandpa who didn't talk to eachother for many years and my grandpa didn't even talk to me until I was 13 and things are still awkward between us.
  • Stephanie from Los Angeles, CaThis song is so about me.
  • Ashley from Decatur, IlJohnny Pacar that plays Jackson on Flight 29 Down was in Perfects music video. He was the guy at the end with the parents arguing and the big green room.
  • Refo from Dubai, Egypt*speechless*
    Guys! you said everything! I can't say anything else.
    This song is awesomely, horribly, terribly, magnificently COOL! it's fantastic, no song will ever be that touching.
  • Lisa from Burlingtonthis song made me cry the first time I heard it
  • Andrew from Adelaide, Australiai love this song its my favourite song , its the first song i can actually cry during coz i relate to the lyrics soo much , i'm always arguing with my dad about anything i do he just looks down on me, i've chosen to take a career as a musician and my parents strongly disaprove of it and never talk to me now but they don't understand
  • Mszacefron from Chicago, IlGUYS!!..This song is pierre's message to his dad in my opinion since he didn't go to college and basically in an aol interview seems like he droped out of high school 4 a music carrer and i don't think his dad approved of that...
  • Mary from Friendswood , Txthe most you need to have is to know what has happened - Jorge, Codoba, Other - South America

    Thats like telling me to write a story about prison ,which ive never been to,and all you tell me is they hurt you there.To experiance something is to have it physically and mentally happen to you but if hear it your getting told and thats mentally.Understand?If not,these kids get driven to their last stop sign,as i say, which mean they cant take it they cant make it and they cant fake it anymore.And yes ive gone through what simple plan is singing through.Thats why they are my faviriote band i can relate to them.Alot of kids can,when you go through something and you see someone else going through it too andholding on you believe in yourself you believe you can hold on too.
  • Jenny Rostrom from Nrh , TxOh, geez. I love this song and I cry ever time I hear it or even read the lyrics. It means so much to me because this pretty much describes the relationship between me and my dad perfectly.

    I can't believe it's hard
    Just to talk to you
    But you don't understand...
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhIf they don't go through something, how can they write about it? If they just write about what they know it will have no real meaning. They won't have any feelings that can go into the song. And another thing, they do have a song about problems they haven't gone through. It's called Crazy. In the song they talk about girls doing anything to make their dreams come true like starving themselves. It talks about poverty and how rich people will spend millions of dollars on things they don't need but you see kids starving in the streets. It talks about kids killing themsleves. So they do make songs to tell about problems in the world. And they are not selfish because they talk about their own life. And just because Canada may have money doesn't make them bad people. You make it seem like if anyone has money they are bad. That's not it, just because a country has money doen't mean they can't make good music. If you want to talk about other problems in the world, go ahead but don't put a band down because they don't.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South AmericaOne more thing: Simple Plan, and i dont just say this to this particular band, but many, people that make bands today, are in it for the money, not for the music, i bet if simple plan didnt get paid millions every ablum they would give it all up.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South AmericaOk, do you actually think you need to experience what has happened to write the song... the most you need to have is to know what has happened, you dont need someone to go throw you in a poverted area, and then you can right the song, its a matter of a fact in the music industry if you have the balls to do this, to be able to show people that something must be done, not to waste it on mediocre people, that have everything, i understand they write songs about them selves, but isnt that selfish, when they have the power and popularity to write about something else, to actually...give a message. And i accept the mistake, but what you just said makes this whole thing worse, now that there from Canada, everything can be explained..yet another major Capitalist country you have to bring up, where people are still rich, but waste there lives on being depressed, example: Emo. And yes i dont know EVERYTHING about simple plan, and what they did, but neither do you, all im going to say is i know this, they are another band that gets popularity...somehow, and then sends the either A)wrong message, or B)Selfishly talks about themselves.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhJorge, why are you complaining about what Simple Plan writes about? You act like you know everything about them and think they never went through anything. And you act like if anyone writes about problems they have to talk about every terrible thing in the world. Ok, they don't write about poverty and that type of stuff, but what they do write about is good enough. They write about what they went through and what teens today go through. Sorry they can't please you, they can't please everyone. And they don't want to. They just want to make the music they love. You don't like the music, oh well a lot of other people do. So just stop trying to bring them down and their fans down because it's never gonna work. You don't have to like them, they never asked for everyone to like them.
  • Amy from --, CanadaOk, Jorge. First of all. The guys of Simple Plan ARE NOT AMERICAN!! You said "that's how americans roll" yeah, well they're from Montreal, CANADA. Just had to get that out. And no, they don't write about the big issues, that's true. But how could they? They haven't experienced those things like extreme poverty, being drafted, etc. etc. That's not them, that's not who they are. And to the people that say they don't write their own lyrics, and that they're all straightforward, etc. Listen to every single song they've ever written, and go back to the band Reset, where Chuck and Pierre started off. Listen to every song, and you seriously wouldn't be able to say that. So until you get ALL of the facts straight, you have no right to talk about any band like that. Sorry, I'm a huge Simple Plan fan, and get really mad when they're dissed, so I just had to say that. Wow.. this is long, lol.
  • Shong from Wausau, Wieveryone has a story...and this song relates to there story...and it just needed to be heard...they just wrote it in a song
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americaif they really could write a song they would know, that this issue is nothing compared to others, obviously they wrote this because they want your money, i know its hard to hear but its how americans roll.
  • Caitlin from Murrieta, CaI know this song helped my sister alot, because they have really high expectations for her for some reason, and their expectations drove her into moving out, and wgen she left, she left these lyrics on a card on my bed to explain to me why she had to go.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhMaybe a lot of other rockers went through it, but Simple Plan wrote down their feelings, the other bands didn't. But that doesn't mean Simple Plan can't write meaningful lyrics, because they do.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americaok WTF, seriously what is this drummers problem, all famous rock stars went threw the same problem as him, but worse not only do they all look more stupid now, but also look like a bunch of guys that are in desperate need of learning how to write a meaningful song
  • Melissa from My PlaceThis song is feeling like you're never good enough for your parents so how did u get on drugs? This song was written because the drummer, Chuck Comeau's parents did not believe in the band. I understand what you're saying about how they do not talk about like people dieing from AIDs and all that stuff, I understand but Simple Plan talks about things in their lives and things they went through. Their songs are to let their feelings out about their lives and what they went through. Maybe they didn't have really bad lives and they didn't starve, but they never said they did, they talk about them. If you want to talk about all that stuff, you can write songs about it but Simple Plan doesn't write about that but it doesn't make them bad. They have their own style and I don't think it's right people say bad things about what they write about and say they talk about problems they never had when they don't know their lives were like. I don't get it.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americaare you that blind. They seem to have go this threw to you, sure i understand there trying to help teens and all, but think of it this way, most of these teens they talk about are relating to the ones that have money, and resources to live, people that whine about there lives becuase there lonely or on drugs, should get a good slap to the face, first off most likly the person has bad social skills or got ont he drugs for some stupid reason, lets look at the people out of these civilized areas, teenagers like you being sold for 16 cents to a stranger, kids being drafted to fight in africa, people dieing form AIDS in rwanda, there are so many problems in this world, and your telling me that some teen that lives in a house knows where his next meal is coming from, and actually saw the face of his father and mother, is worse than these people?
  • Melissa from ToledoJorge, Simple Plan is not trying to make our lives sound bad to make money, they are relationg to teens. This song is about feeling like you are never good enough for your parents, this song is real it is about the drummer Chuck Comeau's parents not believing in the band. How is that trying to make our lives sound bad for money. Simple Plan is not even like that, they relate to teens but no one sees that anymore. It's pathetic how people put them down when the reason they are putting them down is a lie. I don't get it. Simple Plan helps out so much they have their own foundation to help teens deal with problems like suicide, drugs, poverty, and a lot of other things. They're here to help teens but everyone puts them down. It's so sad.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South Americai dont know why simple plan talks about young people so much, why are there lyrics so directed to your lives, there are much worse things to talk about, why about all the people that still live in houses have computers, know what there eating for all 3 meals of the day, come on people open your eyes, simple plan is trying to make your lives sounds really bad just to get your money
  • Shong from Wausau, Wiyes this song relates so much to all the teens in the world and it's so true in one way or another...rock on
  • Caitlin Cooper from Sydney, AustraliaI think the song 'perfect' is really misleading bcuz of the different lines in the song to me they are perfect but who needs your parents to approve or be proud of you i know i don't
  • Jessie from Calgary, CanadaI love this song because it makes me know even though my parents may hate me cause im not perfect... its not my fault... SP always has the most deep meaning lyrics.
  • Hope from Hayden, Althey have so much talent. I've never heard any band sound as good live.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song a lot! It relates to me sooo much. Even if you don't like Simple Plan you can still like and relate to this song. The good thing about Simple Plan is that all their songs can relate to people so you understand where their coming from!!!! I LOVE YOU SIMPLE PLAN!!!!!!
  • Dorothee from Hamburg, NyPierre and David are not a couple they are just big party people and do anything for a joke and to be cray!! Seb the backup guitarist has an engagement ring too!! I don't know if he still has it or who he is engaged to but i will find out
  • Dorothee from Hamburg, NyThe song Perfect by Simple Plan was really made for David the bass player who's dad had just divorced his mom and he was trying to show his dad that he had a life doing something he loved and that he wasn't gonna sit around and be controlled like a robot and be sad after his mom was gone!! By the way I love SP and I can't even say wut I think of the people that criticize the band!!!
  • Noname from Aplace, Njok i just watched new york minute and its about two twins going to ney york city(1 whos dropping outa school to see simple plan video shoot, 2nd to get her scholarship to a colege). and simple plans new album was called vacation. is there a such album called vacation? i want all of simple plans albums! SOME1 HELP ME!
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song soOoOoOo amaizing! It relates to my life way too much!! Even if you hate Simple Plan(which you shouldn't)(J/K) You can still relate and like this song!! I have never heard a song that relates to kids more than this song!! The good thing about this song is that THEY wrote it and it's about Chuck Comeau the drummer! This song is about how his parents didn't support his decision to be in a band. He proved them wrong!! Good job Chuck and great job Simple Plan I love you!!!
  • Lia from Adelaide, AustraliaThis song is cool along with all of Simple Plan's other songs because young people, like me, can relate to their songs. I just wanna say that people who dislike Simple Plan, let them dislike them, i don't think that Simple Plan care about what they think, they only care about the people that support them, their fans.
  • Zach from Hamilton, OhSP does write their own songs sebastion, pierre, chuck and I all wrote one together when i hung out with them it isnt on the album but we still wrote it.
  • Zach from Hamilton, OhI know for a fact pierre isnt gay he is a distint relative of my best friend i have met him in person and hung out with him he is a cool guy and is definatlly not gay; trust me
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaThis is nothing against Simple Plan individually...I Just can't stand all of these pop/rock bands out today with (at least it sounds like it) the same nasally voiced singer and lyrics!
  • Emmy from Gothenburg, SwedenI love Pierre more than my life, and i think it's too bad that he doesn't even know me. Okay, i've met him once, but alot of people have done that. I think about him day and night, and im so inlove. and i wanna say that no one can be perfect, but Pierre is so close to perfect as someone possible can be.
  • Marissa from Montreal, CanadaI think Simple Plan rocks, especially Pierre. If anyone wants to rag on them or stuff like that then they should keep it to themselves. I thin SP is the greatest band ever, because me being the teen that I am, I can relate to so many of their lyrics. Besides that though their beats rock. I love Simple Plan
  • Brianna from Anza, Cai think the song perfect is just perfect because its them just trying to let there parents know that they arnt perfect but they can do watever they want to
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txthis song is ok i guess. but his vioce is nerve racking... and i guess it has a good meaning sure.. but i it when people write song that they just think of and have nothing to relate to n uhm.. o well.. there just a band.
  • Molly from Fresno, CaWow..this song is so ROCKING all the way. It is called Untitled by simple plan..gosh i love this song. I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!!!they just have to ROCK my world.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI'll give them this, Simple Plan is a step above Good Charlotte.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoWell, I must agree that, lyrically, Simple Plan isn't very well accomplished. I kind of like the style of music. Very straightforward and u can tell they are nerds who made it big-time by their music. I like them, and this song really describes most teens' relations with their parents.
  • Jenna from Allegan, MiThis is scary this is so like my life.But in song
  • Jenna from Ah....i'm Not Telling..., CaI love simple plan...but there is LOTS more to agrue about then the band, these world hunger...poverty...animal have a brain, use it!....I like simple plan, good charlotte, the killers, avril lavigne...pop-rock bands are simple plant does write there own music...and so does avril lavigne...she helped a country singer write a song...
  • Michael from Melbourne, AustraliaWhy do people hate Simple Plan? Their lyrics are mind numbingly awful junk that display angst in a horrid style. Unlike good lyricists , the lyricists for Simple Plan use absolutely zero deep meanings or any finesse. The muscianship for Simple Plan is something a beginner musician would find easy, and the reason they are popular isbecause their corporate rulers ensure they get radio play which in turn generates sales. They aren't 'artists' they are money making machines. A truly shocking band and this song is worse than imperfect.
  • Shawn from Hot Springs, ArIn the chorus it goes: "Cuz we lost it all nothing lasts forever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect." And the rest of the chorus is fine. Simple plan + good charlette rock my socks!
  • Shong from Wausau, Wiyes simple does write there own you said chuck and pierre were finishing "perfect world" together...i dont care what people say about simple talk about being a real band...they seem real to me...there in a band...and it is good music...if it was bad, it wont sell but it does...some people like it and some dont...i love simple plan's music...i can relate to there if you dont like them, then dont...if you love there music...that's great...just let them be...
  • Nicole from Sewaren, NjSimple Plan does write their own songs, i was watching the dvd that came with the new cd and pierre and chuck were finishing "perfect world"
  • Nicole from Sewaren, Njin an interview, pierre says that he and chuck were upset with their parents cuz they didn't support the band so when they wrote perfect, the lines "I'm never gonna be good enough for u" and "But it hurts when you disapprove all along" were directed at them to express their feelings.
  • Izzie from Lala, Higod, people shut up about hating simple plan! im not a big fan either, but at least i have the class to not make a fuss about it. if you hate it so much, then what are you doing on this board? anyways, the reason i came to this song was because i think it describes my brother and my dads relationship sometimes. my dad has always been harder on my brother than on me or my sister. i think his dad was pretty strict, also. my brother and my dad used to fight a lot, like seriously, fight. like really bad fights. they even got physical one time. one time i was riding with my brother in the car and this song came on the radio and he was like sayign the words along with it and stuff, but believe me, hes not a simple plan fan. i think he just relates to it. but thankfully, their reltionship has seemed to healed. they always generally loved each other and cared for each other, liek parent and child should, i just think they fought a lot. but now i think they are okay, which is good. anyways, thats my story!
  • Brian from St. Cloud, MnSimple Plan could easily be the worst band in the history of the world. From singing in a screechy, whiney, voice that is enough to make anyone's ears bleed, to not even writing their own music. This band doesn't deserve to even listen to music, much less play it. They've ruined their privilage.
  • Dale from Columbia, ScThis song is the anthem for a whole generation of young men today. I notice most of us guys either claim to identify with this song, ignore it, or diss it citing no other reason other than "its so stupid/gay/dumb". Three categories: visible wounds, irrelevance, and denial. All American young men fall into these three categories in relation to the song.
  • Alex from Lilburn, GaI totally agree with Michael!

    "Absolutely boring pop song with an incredibly annoying singer. They actually call this punk rock! (It doesn't qualify for rock in my mind)
    - Michael, Melbourne, Australia"

    Simple Plan is not rock when you compare them to real bands. I don't know or really care if they right there own lyrics, but if they don't, they don't really have a band. Anyone can learn music and sing words form a piece of paper, even if they do they still stink anyway.
  • Katie from Sn Jose, Otherits scary how simple plan's songs relate so much to my life...thats why i like them.
  • Shandi from Brisbane, AustraliaI completely agree with you Melanie. I don't care either that they don't write their own songs. I still love their music. It totally rox. I can relate to this song, coz i always feel i'm not good enough, or not deserving of the stuff i have. Good on u for getting out and stating ur opinion!
  • Melanie from Emerald, AustraliaMarcus from Royersford PA, i don't really care if Simple Plan doesn't write their music or lyrics. They are the ones with the guts to get up on stage and perform the songs to hundreds of screaming people. COme to think of it, I don't think they really care either. I love Simple Plan's songs and even if they don't actually write them themselves, that doesn't change how much i enjoy the songs.
  • Rob from Castaic, Cayeah poppish and ridiculous... and just all out a stupid song.
  • Shong from Wausau, Wireally good's about being not perfect for your know as a teen you felt this way one way or another...i love this song
  • Michael from Melbourne, AustraliaAbsolutely boring pop song with an incredibly annoying singer. They actually call this punk rock! (It doesn't qualify for rock in my mind)
  • Heather from Bristol, Vathis song is like my life it is unbeleivable how close its kinda eerie
  • Hassan from Nyc, NyHey, It was pretty funnny when i first saw a Simple PLan musice video, i wondered if they were gay, I am still confused, casue are they? Well any way, i like there songs, It has a meaning to what I am going through, Love+loneliness, any way, my aim sn is unknownspiritx5
  • Jaymie from Hobart, AustraliaYeah i like it.
    Its cool and i didnt really think it was bout a gay guy when i first heard it,
    I reminds me of the trouble i have with my biological dad and how im never good enough for him!
    Im never gonna be perfect but i can just be me
    tell me what you think!!!
  • Brian from Valliant, OkI don't know why. but when I first heard this song, I thought it could be about a young gay guy telling his father the truth, and his dad disowns him.
  • Mj from Boston, Mathe lead singer's voice is annoyingly nasal.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, Canadaya um nice try guys they write there own songs about not being cool, because supposivly they were never cool, so ya there lyrics are pretty simplistic but there theirs. I just can't imagine these guys being nerds though, and the explanation is right they only tell you about the song in almost every magazine in Canada. This is such a famous Quebec band, everytime I buy a magazine there in it.
  • Chainy from Largo, FlIts pretty obvious they dont write they're own lyrics. All their lyrics are so straightforward you have to wonder whether someone else writes them to appeal to the masses or if they just really really really suck at writing songs.
  • Marcus from Royersford, PaI hear Simple Plan doesn't write their own music or lyrics.
  • Tomas from Edinburg, TxI have to disagree in this song he says "I'm never gonna be good enough for u". "But it hurts when you disapprove all along". This shows that they did not approve. I really think it means that the parents did not believe in him but he made it out no matter if he was perfect or not.
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