Awake and Alive

Album: Awake (2009)
Charted: 100
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  • This guitar anthem is the title track from Christian rock band Skillet's eighth studio album, Awake.
  • The song features alternating male/female vocals between frontman John Cooper and new drummer Jen Ledger.
  • Cooper (from "Tying in with 'Hero,' here's one about feeling like you're falling under from all the stresses of life. Even though you feel like everyone around you is trying to take your hope away from you, no one has the right to do that and you shouldn't allow those negative influences to weigh you down. Live what you believe and don't be afraid to stand up for your faith."
  • Cooper explained the album's distinctive cover to Christianity Today magazine: "When I decided to call the album Awake, I talked to an artist about what I was looking for and what that idea meant for the record. It's that idea that you've been in a car wreck or something serious has happened to you. You're in a coma or you were knocked out and came to in a hospital. The idea was you're awake, which seems like a good thing, but maybe you are a little hesitant to take the bandages off because you're afraid of what you might look like. It worked well with the concept of the record that the world is getting darker and there are people that want to take your beliefs away by telling you that what's important is being cool and rich. But it's time for you to strip all that away, to wake up and face the world head on.
    I want people to feel hopeful from listening to this record. We want to bring hope to the hopeless. And going through some of the things I've gone through, maybe the Devil wanted to bring all this bad stuff into my life because he hoped I would be embittered toward God. But I clung to Jesus and found a friend. There's always hope. There's always a chance to start over."
  • This was Skillet's first song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Awake debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 making it the highest-charting Christian album since Underoath's 2006 release Define the Great Line.
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  • Zartrax from Somewhere In, TxYou're an idiot it's "I'll stand my ground, and never back down" hahahahahahahaha
  • [p3yt0n} from Somewhere, InGreat song. I think this song has a good message. "Stand back up, and never back down." meaning never let people take your faith away, and fight for it.
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